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Discussion in 'Community' started by Sabenth, Jan 4, 2004.

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    K guys were trying to form a massive collection of peoples Macs the site is here feel free to add our own Mac Pic and comments

    Go for it please :)
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    it's not the best photo I've ever shot...but I posted... ;)
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    I'll need to clean up my table a bit, then post a shot.

    MY 1500th POST! :D
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    cheers guys the reaming 90 odd of us so far whats wrong with ya its all in the name of comunity and fun come on people start a posting its fun ....
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    Which is your picture eyelikeart?

    The one with the large acquarium was misplaced, the G4 was in the dark.
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    I *think* this one is eyes


    it was posted in a therad the other day.
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    yup...that's where I get shoulder cramps everyday... ;)
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    That is a nice setup that you have there eyelikeart. It is very neat and organized. Thank your for posting the picture for us edesignuk.

    Do you have a nice view from your window eyelikeart? Your shade looks like a nice one also. My computer desk in front of a window also.
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    Sorta. Usually each day around 4:00, the hot blonde across the street comes home. ;)
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    Ha ha, there's a reason to place your desk at the window.

    I recognized the background on the mac, the mail box = eye.
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    hehe...hell yeah man... :D

    btw...what are u doing posting?!
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    Hey look, they put me an eMac with a pretty damn fast internet connection and said "In an hour we'll start working on a flash presentation"... ;)

    So I'm doing my website, and he's actually helping out, he does web design too :D
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    and u call that work? ;)
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    You should ask her out on a date or at least invite her over for some of your wine. She could actually be the one! You will never know if you don't ask! ;)
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    I would...but her husband wouldn't like it much... :eek: ;)
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    Wow, that was sure fast. I e-mailed the guy my pic maybe 45 minutes ago and it's already up on the site.

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