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Simple Photoshop Question

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by bobber205, Sep 16, 2006.

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    I thought the emboss feature was the one you used to make text and other things look like a "shiny button". Most widgets have this look and I would like mine to also.

    Any suggestions?
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    Just do a search for "Aqua buttons". There are lots of online tutorials available.

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    It's not necissarily a feature you can just make with a filter. It's actually done using different layers and gradients. Tutorials are your best bet.
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    Is Bevel close to what I'm looking for? I know I used to be able to give a layer an impression of being "raised"....
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    Depends on what you want....

    this is really fast, but you get the idea

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    I was just working on a website and found this in one folder by accident...

    I dont really remember what project it was from, but you can use it to turn the layers on an off to see what they are.

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    bevel and emboss

    mess around with the size and depth layers to raise your surface. otherwise the aqua button tutorial works great too.

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