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Since personal websites are so popular right now....

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by rice_web, May 19, 2003.

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    I just finished the automatic navigation system, so no real content exists just yet. However, the new system that I wrote, combined with my page builder, will make populating the site as easy hell.

    Go PHP.
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    Check out the website of my former H.S., where I still go on Fridays to help out with the system (~500 computers on the network, a majority of them Macs :D). We have to pay for the domain ourselves, but we also run our own mail and web servers on campus through our T1 line.


    Our site is in PHP, too. :)

    I'm mentioned on this page, near the bottom in the block of members of the "Bit Twiddlers". My age is incorrect (that particular page is old), though. I'm Joshua, the "Go-to Guy". :D

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    are you guys using damp? what database are you using for your backend?

    i've been an asp developer for a while, but i'm starting to tinker with php. i must confess, i've been using asp2php quite a bit, but i've learned a lot of timesavers/shortcuts from it. it also helps A LOT if you want to email a form result page.

    anyway, good looking sites! i'm not too good at the page layout--my team has a graphics person, so that saves me from that. i wish i was better at it, but it's one of those things you either have or don't.
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    Re: damp?

    We're not running a database for the main site. However, we do have a system for student information that is running under MySQL on a FreeBSD machine.
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    We use MySQL as our server solution. It's worked great.

    The site that I gave the URL to will be adding the site content within the month, and then some heads will turn, especially when we show the source code (it's currently a closed-source program that will be open soon).

    Currently, we're sitting on about 250k of code (not for the navigation; but rather for our unfinished projects). We may be approaching 1MB of code by next month, with megabytes upon megabytes in site content.

    We're also developing a system that will allow other schools to use our software (hence the switch to open-source programming). Other school districts will connect to our database and use our code, but will be customized for that school district. We're also working on a sort of P2P program to let the school districts share ideas / communication.
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    MySQL|PHP all the way!

    I'm working on a load of sites at the moment that use php + mysql db + CMS backend. Check out http://cathyburton.co.uk (i don't like the design any more - way too green!). That was my first proper dynamic site, but i'm working on some much more sophisticated stuff at the moment.
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    And apparently in Laos.

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