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Singing the Praises of the Non-Nano

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 5, 2006.

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    i'll give the kid in the story the non-nano...but the dell laptop?

    if you want to rebel, but a mac and run 3 operating systems on it, and manage your mp3 player with linux and ogg/vorbis instead of xp and wma.

    that'll teach them!
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    Very true...Geek Rebels run Linux playing it in a Program they coded
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    Let's see, this kid is rebelling by subjecting himself to an inferior product? Good job sport. And I love how he shows his true colors in the end, "It isn't [a Nano], and that's all I cared about." Isn't this just like the kids punching holes in every available flap of skin and wearing clothes that don't fit in the interest of being different. This kid is the child of a staff member of NYTimes.com, 'cause this story isn't newsworthy.
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    anybody wanna copy and paste the article? i'm not subscribed to the NYT.
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    Shouldn't need to be, but whatever. I love how he bought a Dell laptop to rebel. That's, like, the craziest thing I've ever heard.

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    That's the worst reason to buy a product ever. Notice throughout the article it continued to state that the UIs of the devices and the software they interface with were nothing to squawk about. If the kid tried out the various devices and decided that one fits his needs better than the nano then good on him. Instead he pulled this rebel crap and got an inferior product.

    Sucks for him.
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    Rebel my ****.

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