Siri 'Eyes Free' Coming to 2013 Honda Accord, Acura RDX and ILX

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    When iOS 6 was announced last June, Apple said it was working with car manufacturers on a new "Eyes Free" mode for Siri that would integrate with voice command buttons found in an increasing number of car models to allow users to interact with Siri without needing to look at their devices' screens. At the time, Scott Forstall displayed a slide showing that Apple was working with BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda on the initiative.

    Today, Honda announced that Eyes Free will be coming to the 2013 Accord, as well as the Acura RDX and ILX.

    From Honda's press release:
    In November, Chevrolet announced that Eyes Free would be coming to the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic in 2013, and Hyundai did the same earlier this month.

    Update: Honda is currently contacting some existing 2013 Accord owners and offering to install the Siri Eyes Free software in their vehicles free of charge as part of a trial of the feature.
    Article Link: Siri 'Eyes Free' Coming to 2013 Honda Accord, Acura RDX and ILX
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    Hopefully this comes to the 2013 Honda Civic as well!
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    Wow that dash looks terrible lol
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    I have been thinking about getting a new ride lately. I have had three Hondas since I started driving. I look forward to this feature.
  5. JaySoul, Jan 30, 2013
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    Why can't Siri just drive you to destinations yet? APPLE FAIL.

    Edit: Actually with Apple Maps you'd probably end up in the sea anyway.
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    Needs to replace all those buttons with iPad mini!

    +1 for Siri in cars!
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    Yeah, those are cars I was going to buy, LOL.
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    God, car insides are getting uglier and uglier, more and more buttons. Wish Steve Jobs' plans for car re-invention are still somewhere at Apple.
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    Yeah, but the Apple car would only run on 5% of the roads in the country...
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    I drive a 2013 ILX on lease. I want to see how much they want to charge for this "dealer option" before I decide if I do it or not.
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    Time to sell my 2006 Honda Accord
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    And this is what irks me about Honda. They seem to change their designs every 2 years or so. They don't believe in making minor improvements each year, they do redesigns. Goodness.
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    While I applaud the option, it sucks that the feature will be a dealer installed option for what probably will be a ripoff. It should be a standard feature (free upgrade to existing users via firmware update).

    Oh well, it probably will be a standard feature on at least higher trimmed models next year.

    Having driven Tesla Model S, whose dashboard is a gigantic LCD touchscreen, I am not sure if that's the right approach. When I am driving, I like to be able to feel the UI without looking at it (at least no more than a quick glance). And not to mention all the fingerprint smudges.
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    Siri "Eyes Free" seems to be a feature most will never use.
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    This. Ford Sync on the new Explorer is Touchscreen driven and I can tell you it forced us to consider other options as the controls for HVAC are all touchscreen so your forced to look away to push the buttons.. call me old fashioned but I prefer to be able to "feel" my way too.
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    Lookin at the dash of my smart car, I can easily fit an iPad Mini in its place :D
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    Honestly, all car manufacturers should go to mobile OS platforms for their infotainment systems. They can't make UIs to save their lives, they all suck.

    Be it iOS or Android, they just need to get over themselves and do it.

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    What I notice about every thread is that people are Haters and mad angry about virtually everything.

    Where's the love?
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    They need to have this on the Pilot by 2014. That is when we are buying our next one.
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    I know! It looks like the maps/GPS screen would be obscured by the other console in front of it.
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    Great, a car that needs 3g/lte to work. :rolleyes:
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    Who cares? Acura makes terrible cars.

    I'm just waiting for BMW, VW, Mercedes, and Audi to bring out their integration. The iOS/Android integration on my BMW X5 and Audi S7 are already top notch.


    They already do this. The S7's MMI uses a 3G connection for its GPS to overlay Google Maps. It works really well with Street View and such, but it's also a pain in the ass because Audi uses T-Mobile for their provider and they have basically no 3G coverage.

    Shame they don't use AT&T or VZW's superior 3G/LTE coverage. I put in my AT&T SIM and it only gets EDGE because Audi's hardware only supports the AWS HSPA band that TMo uses :(
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    Sweet. Probably won't be buying a new car for a few years, and I hope many models have this by then.
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    While I am not particularly fond of the new styling, Acuras are extremely reliable and great cars. What is your basis on calling them terrible?
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    Wish it would come to the MDX.

    I've found Acura to be dependable, like big brothers of Honda (yes I know). That said, BMW just drives a little better. So as I've gotten older, I've also noticed the interior of the Acura is a little nicer, and sadly I'm starting to give up driving prowess to interior comfort, which I give a slight edge to Acura. So yes, next car is going to be an Acura... ...but I'll probably cave back to the BMW and say "Well hon, I'll change when the kid arrives."

    Not much info on Mercedes but I did have a VW Golf back in the day, and it handled like a beast.

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