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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dcains, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Hi Group:

    Other than fleabay, are there well-known US sites offering used/refurbed older mac's for sale - like iBooks? I'm asking because I want to sell my iBook to a good friend and want to make this deal as fair as possible. It's a 12" white 1.2gHz with a new keyboard, new WD Scorpio 80gb HD, 1.25gb RAM, airport, bluetooth, Leopard, iWorks, etc. The case is in great shape, with no cracks or large scratches, the LCD is perfect, and it has the original AC adapter. I'd love to keep it, as I prefer the form factor, but I now need an Intel mac for work and don't want to carry around my 15" MBP. I'm looking at a refurb MB as a replacement for this iBook.

    So, what sites would you guys recommend we look at to get a fair value? Thanks in advance for all your advice.

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    Thank you.
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    Read the fine print on mac2sell. They don't include things like airport cards in their estimates.

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