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Size of Mac Mini Box ?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by MonksMac, Dec 23, 2006.

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    Can anyone tell me what the size of the box the mac mini comes in?
  2. jsw
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    Not exactly, because mine's stored away, but, as a guess, it's about 7"x7"x4". It's tiny.
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    I was wondering because I saw a Mac Mini sized box under the tree for me, and wanted to be sure. I don't know exactly because it is wrapped.
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    Hmm... I measured it and according to my (probably wrong) measurements the top is 9" and the side is 8.5". However the wrapping paper is pretty thick.
  5. jsw
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    Although I'm not sure of the exact size, the box is not nearly that cube-like, and I'm sure it's smaller.

    But... hopefully I'm wrong, and that's a mini in there - or a box full of money to buy a Mac Pro. ;)
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    The reason I think it is a Mac Mini is beacuse it has one of those plastic carrying handles just like on the Mac Mini boxes I've seen in pictures.
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    8.75" (w) x 8.5" (h) x 5.75" (d)

    Feel for a bump at the top where the plastic handle may protrude out.
  8. jsw
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    I stand corrected... that could be a mini.

    I guess it was just so much smaller than my iMac and PowerMac boxes that it just seemed tiny by comparison!
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    Yeah I felt thorough the paper and there is definately a plastic handle protruding , but I can't see the color of the handle since it is wrapped.
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    When I looked over the package and felt it, it has some kind of padding in it. Not all over the package mind you, but there nonetheless. Then noticing a small tear in the paper and I saw a piece of green fabric. My guess is that whomever wrapped it added extra padding for protection.;)
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    You'll have to let us know, you can post on here using it on Christmas day, if it is a mac mini
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    I will keep you posted! If it is a Mini one of the first things I will do is post on MR with my Brand New Mini! Here's to hoping!:D
    We will know by tomarrow night.
  13. jsw
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    This might be a good time to switch to New Zealand time for a day or two.
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    Good luck! I *think* I got an iPod, but its entireley a gut feeling. No idea, havn't even seen the box size yet. I hope it isnt, I have one and barley use it. Oh well, if it is I'll have a new iPod...and then be sad when the Video iPod is released...:(
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    Ahahahaahah, when I read the thread title, I KNEW exactly what was going on. Man, I am getting older, but I still love Christmas. Sounds like you just got yourself a new mac!!:)
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    They're almost a full day ahead you know...

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    Aha! I get it! What I meant is that we usually open gifts late on Christmas Eve or early (Midnight) Christmas day.

    If it truly is a Mini it will be a miracle for me, because I will have finally convinced my father to buy one for me!
    How much you wanna bet it's the low end one... ahh well at least it's a mac.
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    I wish our family did that! Although, everyone, except me, is in bed by 11 lately. My sister works retail and my mom and dad go to bed early anyways.

    I'd take the low end one! At least your getting a Mac. Although don't get your hopes up too high. You don't want to look like a fool when it doesn't turn out. But best of luck! Report back tomorrow night!
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    I have a low-end G4 mini. I don't want to hear about low-end intel systems and how slow they are right now. Actually, even my low-end G4 isn't too shabby... but if you don't like it, I'll trade you my G4 with a hard drive upgrade*:D

    *from my cold dead hands. Viva la PPC!
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    That's ok!:p I didn't mean it like that.
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    Don't get to excited and thinking it is a mini because if you open it and it isn't you shall be really upset but I hope you the best of luck and really hope it's a mini for you. :) :D :) Merry xmas and happy holidays to all.
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    i hope for you that it's actually a mini stack in the box.... and they pull the 'oh my, what could you ever use that thing for', and then pull the mini out of the closet! :D
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    The video ipod is already released. Am I missing something?
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    Maxwell Smart

    He's probably talking about the mythical *true* video iPod :p

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