Skin a Dock 1.0b

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by G4scott, Nov 3, 2002.

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    This is an interesting little app. In my opinion, it's the coolest thing you can do to your dock. You can actually play with your dock :D :p

    get it here!
  2. job
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    Wow, that's pretty funny.

    I also like their Snoe app.
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    Well sounds cool.. but I tried downloading it and all I got was a disk image with a Readme about the Beta software...

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    same here... what a bummer - looks like it could be pretty interesting.
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    Well I saw the ratings at VersionTracker by the people who actaully managed to download it... and it doesn't sound that good. Seems as if it causes major conflicts with Mail, iChat, Candybar.... looks like it's caused by the APE framework... so.. guess we'll have to wait for a new version.

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    I just downloaded and installed it - pretty cool stuff. I right now have skinned my dock to be covered in frost - looks pretty cool with that Sno appplication that was mentioned above.

    My one complaint with the Skin a Dock is that those visual dock cues - at least the ones in Adium, that let you know who has IMed you, who has just signed on, etc. - don't show up when the icon is skinned.

    Oh well.

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    make sure, you turn off Transparent dock before doing this, it stuffed my ssytem bad, I needed to reinstall........and it makes my dock look like a-dock for OS9
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    well, this program is still beta, and it is a haxie, so I didn't expect it to work all of the time, but for what it does, it's cool. I've never seen a program that could skin the dock like that before. I don't seem to be having any major problems, just some weird looking dock stuff, but nothing too bad...
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    whoa!! this is cool. i remember them first announcing it, i'll have a look at it... but i'm always careful with beta versions.
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    what the hell? all i still get is a .rtf file...
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    all i got was the .rtf as well. and it looks like they're having serever problems.

    has anyone got a copy that we could all get?
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    Looks cool. How does it handle docks on the side? I keep mine on the right. Does it turn the grass sideways or just have tufts of grass under each icon?
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    it turns all of the icons sideways, depending on which side of the screen it's on. The only thing that doesn't look so nice is when you have magnification on... It doesn't magnify smoothly, but I don't think there's any way to truly do that.

    Unfortunately, though, I think this program may have done something weird to my beloved iBook...
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    I looks really cool, but if it messes up computer then I'm not going
    to dl it. I like the fire one. I have the perfect background to go
    along with it too.... :eek: time to wait patiently ;) .
  16. Wes
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    Hehe I can tell it's beta. On my mac it doesn't rotate to fit my left-aligned dock. Also for some reason it rotated some of my icons. But still looks good for when it's final release.
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    i still haven't been able to even get it to skin..i've turned everything related to changing the dock off and it still doesn't work...i tell it to apply the "skin" and i get the spinning beachball forever...nothing happens at all

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