Skin (BSE, IS, BGz, XO) with Apple Case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by roland.g, Apr 26, 2010.

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    I ordered a Bestskinsever skin for my iPad and also have the Apple Case. The Apple Case is fairly tight but I have heard that it gets a bit easier to get the iPad in and out over time as it breaks in.

    Has anyone put an adhesive type skin like Bestskinsever, InvisibleShield, BodyGuardz, XOSkins, or those Carbon Fiber looking decals on their iPad and also used the Apple Case?

    I plan to use the Apple Case but also might use a Belkin Grip Vue or Incipio Feather when I don't want a folio style. I just didn't know even as thin as those adhesive skins are, if their tacky orange peel nature would make them resistant to slipping into the Apple Case?

    Anyone tried this?
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    Curiousnto know as well. I have the bse and my apple won't arrive till the 11th
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    I have a BSE on mine but just the back and it fits fine in the apple case. I'm sure it would fit with both the front and the back.
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    Thanks for the info.

    I ordered the BSE back only plus it comes with the side strips. I don't do orange peel skins on the screens.

    I have a BSE on my iPhone, with nothing on the screen, had a PowerSupport Crystal Film for a long time but it doesn't need it.
    I also have a BSE on my unibody aluminum MacBook (Collector's Edition :( ) but did not put the trackpad skin on it, just the case skin and wrist rest squares.
    BSE stuff is awesome and IMHO the best of the skin brands.
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    I have XO Skins on mine and love it. Still holding up great. I posted a topic on this a while back. Lemme find the pics
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    I love BSE. I think they are the best skin makers for the money. I tried the Wrapsol and it was no cut to fit the iPad. At least the one i installed.
    Out of the two that i have tried on my iPad, I think the BSE is a better choice.

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