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Skokie, IL (Old Orchard)

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by nintapple, Oct 19, 2007.

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    looks like the lines arent gonna be that long :rolleyes:
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    At least now there will be two of us there...
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    I already have leopard on pre-order, but I'm thinking about going down for the Free shirt. I feel like Old Orchard at night is usually empty except those who are eating out, so I'm hoping I don't have to get there that early. Were there lines for the iphone release at this store?
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    well... i have to imagine that the old orchard lines were similiar to the northbrook iphone lines which were VERY long. and yup i live in northbrook.. why not northbrook court apple store you ask? friend is pissed at em for not servicing his ex-bricked iphone :rolleyes: ... so we'll be heading just a few miles south to skokie. and at 5-6ish, theres still people shopping, not just people eating at the food court (plus its a friday).
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    Hopefully ill be there. Got my iPod Touch replaced there too.
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    Good point about the shoppers. So what time is everyone getting there? I figure 4-5pm. Hopefully there will be enough people for them to not notice that I'm just getting a shirt, since Leopard is on the way in the mail. My father-in-law surprised me with Leopard so I want to surprise him with a shirt....we'll see
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    Around 7th in line.. Anyone else here? Signal me!!
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    Pictures :d





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