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SkullCandy headphones for iPhone and iPad, cant decide COLOR HELP

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ny2nctova, Oct 7, 2010.

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    I would go for the black.

    By the way, this thread makes me laugh.
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    I said it before (really, I did), and I'll say it again: Always bet on black.
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    Get the black... No wait get the white.... Oh well maybe you should get the white but maybe you should get the black... :-D

    Sorry, I couldn't resist....
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    maybe dont buy skullcandy headphones, the audio quality isn't great.
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    That is very expensive for such a low quality pair of cans.... You could do much better in that pricerange. Hell, you could do much better in half that price.
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    I've been through several brands of headphones trying to find the right ones. I have tiny ears, so over-the-ear headphones press right against my ear piercings and hurt after a while. :(

    I love the styling and choices that Skullcandy has, but the ones I got hurt my ears (small head) and the audio quality was not that good. My old $50 Sony's had much better sound, but I kept snagging the cables on accident, which tore the wiring right out of the connections. Sennheizer are my backup pair, which have great audio quality but the cables are flimsy and my cat already got to one of them :p

    For sticking in the same price range as the Skullcandy Aviators (~$150), if you want an in-ear headphone option, I would go with Phonak Audeo (amazon link). These are actually in-ear monitors (what musicians use), and have very high quality cabling that doesn't twist or stretch. I've had mine for over a year and they are still awesome. :D
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    I would choose Black

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