Skype Adds HD Video Calling to iPhone and iPad Apps

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Skype has updated its iPhone and iPad apps, adding support for HD video calling on both devices, as well as other "general fixes and improvements" and better support for the iOS 7 beta.
    Apple introduced front-facing cameras capable of HD 720p video in the iPhone 5 and the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini.

    Skype is a free download for the iPhone and iPad. [Direct Links: iPhone, iPad]

    Article Link: Skype Adds HD Video Calling to iPhone and iPad Apps
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    Do they not list iPod Touch 5 since it doesn't have a cellular version? Because it has a 720p FaceTime camera.
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    Seriously, they did not have this before? :rolleyes:
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    Why is Skype on Mac and iOS such garbage? I hate the UI design. It's pathetic. :mad:
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    What happens if you use the back camera?

    On devices that don't have a front HD camera, what happens if you switch to the back camera? Will that give HD quality picture?
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    Are people still using this?

    After the recent NSA revelations, I wouldn't go near it.
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    After the recent NSA revelations, we shouldn't even talk to the wind.
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    Watch it be 720p but still with ridiculously lossy compression as usual. I can't stand Skype.


    Not everyone discusses their secret plans to hijack a nuclear missile over Skype, so they're not too worried.
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    guess this in nice when talking to my (non iPhone owning) friends.
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    I know right. It reminds me of iOS7 :eek: yuck
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    I think I am using this feature on FaceTime.
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    For an app that has to do precious few things, it's unthinkable that Skypes UI could be this bad. ...and worse, that it could be this bad for years, with as much discussion regarding Skypes software always dominated by how crappy their UI and user experience is.

    It's as if they don't use their own product, nor pay any attention to anyone who does.

    I started using VOIP in about 95. It's now 2013, and it's gotten worse, not better. Something's clearly wrong at the top.
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    Makes me laugh how it still doesn't even tell you when someone is typing a message...
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    About time, but facetime still ahead UI wise...
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    I am thrilled that I can now use HD video-chatting, cross-platform. I am just curious when Google will allow 1080p video playback on my iPhone 5.
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    Seriously bro so what are you gonna do cease all connections to the outside world and completely cut off all social interactions...
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    You expect quality from Microsoft?
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    The UI went downhill before Microsoft.
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    How do you know other people are talking about "hijacking a nuclear missile"???? :rolleyes:
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    apart from the safari icon i think iOS 7 is beautiful :D
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    Or about (insert illegal activity here).

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