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Skype for iPad ?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by aduteau, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Did Skype mention anything about an official app for the iPad ?
    I know I can run the Skype iphone app in 2X mode .... but an official app would be much better !!

    Anyone heard anything ?
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    Ok ... Im guessing no official word from the Skype team then ....
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    They are a bunch of ... at skype, they should have been one of the first ones to get an iPad app, not eff about so long, when developers thousand times poorer than them have got great apps out for the iPad.

    And oh they have an iPad in their hands? How innovative...

    Like I said, a bunch of ...
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    I would have lent them mine at launch if it meant the app would arrive quicker
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    Yeah, it's a very bad excuse... I mean it's not that hard to redesign the interface for the iPad, I mean really...they have easy access to developers..for now We just have to settle with the crummy graphics of the iPhone version.
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    I think they said before that it would be out this fall.
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    Hoping it comes out asap!
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    Haha for sure, this "we now have an iPad in our hands" makes the iPad sound like some almost extinct bird that they had to go on a two month expedition to find!:rolleyes:
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    bigger companies have to do more testing and make sure everything is 100% they plan a lot more than single app devs, it's a business.
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    Once the iPad sports a camera and a mic, an iPad version of Skype will be fantastic.If you are experiencing any issues with contact list, please first of all remove the account in question from the application and then add it once again.
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    I was going to agree, but then I realised that holding the iPad as I usually do would mean that the camera would be pointing straight up at me - not the most flattering angle.

    I'd be perfectly happy with only voice calling and messaging, to be honest. Would even consider paying a small subscription (99 cents a month or so) because I'd abuse it so much as I prefer using the iPad keyboard rather than my craptastic candy-bar format old skool without the kool phone for text messaging. Unfortunately, as I don't live in the US, most of the apps on offer for text messaging don't work for me.

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