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??Skype on mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by wilnis, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Hi-I have an early 09 mini, and have a problem with skype. I have a new logitec c500 webcamera that works with my pc. The skype account works with my first gen black macbook, but on the newer mini I can see myself but the audio does not work. The cam connects to one of the usb ports and I've configured sounds to "unrecognized usb sound device" that came up after I plugged the camera in the mini, but on the "test calls" I still can't hear myself. The skype for mac is a beta, but others seem to do ok.
    Any ideas would be appreciated as to what I maybe doing wrong. Bill
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    Put the sounds to something else? It sounds like the "unrecognized usb sound device" doesn't work with Mac
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    Hi-the default position is "internal microphone" which didn't work either, and the "usb device" came up when the camera was plugged in. I changed it back and forth in the skype screen and in "sound" in system preferences. Thanks. Bill
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    Internal Microphone won't work because the mini doesn't HAVE an internal microphone. Since this USB webcam isn't fully supported under OS X (Logitech didn't make Mac drivers for that model), then you'll have to get an external mic and plug it into the Mac Mini's Sound-In 1/8" jack.
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    LeeTom-That's the message I was looking for. Thanks very much. Bill

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