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Sleep? IMAC G5

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by brobson, Oct 12, 2004.

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    I read in my manual that I should make my computer sleep only if I will be away for awhile.
    Can anyone council me on whether I should shut it down each night like I do?
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    There should really be no problem with leaving the computer on all the time, many people here have not turned off their computers for months. It should not effect the computer at all.
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    The only time you should shut down your computer is if you will be away for 48 hours or more. Otherwise, putting your iMac to sleep when you are away is just fine.

    It is not uncommon for people to go over a month without restarting OS X. The OS is just that good.
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    This is a good recommendation. The UNIX underpinnings of OS X run certain jobs, called cron jobs, daily, weekly, and monthly. They are scheduled to run at 2AM, but if your computer is asleep or shutdown, they will never run. MacJanitor is an easy way to run the jobs yourself, at your convienance. If you don't leave your computer on (and not asleep) 24/7, then running the cron jobs yourself is an important part of keeping your Mac in good health.
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    Thanks all

    Utadas very interesting Elan.


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