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Sleep light on PowerBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by indigoblu, May 7, 2005.

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    I had an iBook, now I have a powerbook. Both have the feature when I shut the computers and they are in sleep mode, the light goes from dim to bright to dim to bright..... It drives me nuts. I have to put my computer in a drawer or cover it up at night. Does anyone know how to turn the light off? or have it be constant? Is there a download that fixes it? Any advice please?
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    Don't think it can be turned off... just get a black sharpie and color the light, or turn the notebook toward the wall; so you dont see the light.
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    I have the exact same problem as you. It used to drive me crazy at night!!!

    Now I just put some clothes over my pb. :p hey, I mean at least it gets rid of the problem.
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    is a tiny light, but it doesnt bother me, as far as i know there is no way to turn it off, rather than sharpie it as someone suggested i would think that a small perfectly cut piece of electrical tape would be a much better solution, or just leave and im sure you will get used to it....
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    Yeah there is not really a good solution. I agree, I hate the light! It is so bright that when I turn it around it still lights up the whole wall!

    I have just got in the habit of throwing a shirt over it at night, but I may try the electrical tape or the sharpie. Seems like the only solution.
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    The first night that I had by PB, I thought that I had ghosts. Now, I just place a small towel infront of it that I use for a hand rest anyway. Works like a charm, and nothing sticky is put on my precious nor is anything drawn on my precious...
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    I just place my iBook light-down on the floor, leaning against a drawer. If I'm charging it, I place a binder over the iBook.

    For the light on my iMac, I use the iBook sleeve to cover it up.
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    Haha, it seems like such a routine for such a small issue.

    Apple should consider doing something to tell you that the computer is sleeping.
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    I've been covering my iBook for years with clothes etc. But there's nothing worse than getting in bed and forgetting to do that. I don't understand what kind of idiot programmer thought it would be a good idea to make the light pulsate!!! I'm going to keep looking around and see if I can find a hack to turn it off. I'd rather not have to cover my new powerbook with clothes or a magic marker/tape.
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    I'm actually very used to covering it with clothes now.

    Its just part of my nightly routine, like brushing my teeth.
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    You may find it annoying, but Windows users find it mighty attractive. That's all I worry about.
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    just out of curiosity.....where do you guys live that you need your rooms to be pitch black and that they are besides the light from your book??

    im from chicago, with the streetlights and neighbors and whatnot there is a glow throughout the city even at night, and light will always be peaking in the window somehow, the only way i would ever get a truly dark room is to have no window....and that would just suck

    maybe thats why im a bit more tolerate of the sleep light, i dont even notice it.... but thats just me
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    They you have to get your priorities in order. Function and usability should always be before impressing windows users.
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    its dark where i live I live in a small neighboorhood and we have no street lights so when it gets dark it gets REALLY dark.. Although light dosn't bother me at all... **** if i am tired enough i can have rock music on my speackers and still go to sleep lol...
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    That's why I use Apple; they combine the two into one package.
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    no, i like it but you cant turn it off. it makes it look like you powerbook is breathing!

    get a black maker pen and colour over it, or maybe tip-ex, would look a bit messy though!
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    If you know what youre doing, it wouldnt be difficult to open up your PB and cut the wires that lead to the light
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    I dont know if other Macs have this feature, but the new iMacs have an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the sleep light according to how bright the room is. So if it's dark, presumably the light won't be very bright.
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    from what i read on the apple.com forums, by pressing alt-option-eject on the powerbook keyboard, the sleep light will not be as bright.
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    Um i just tried that and closed my pb, but it looks the exact same.
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    I just put my black ipod case in front of it at night. It's already sitting on my desk next to my PB, and its the perfect height to just block out the light.
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    Um try it harder. It works great for me.
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    Here's another vote for the T-shirt over the PB. I find the sleep light useful, so I wouldn't want to permanently cover/disable it.
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    Just pressing option-eject????

    That does absolutely nothing for me.

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