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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by RollTide, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Just curious, I usually just put my touch to sleep when I'm in class, or at work and can't listen to it. But I was wondering if you guys turn your touch off, or not.

    How much of a difference would this cause in battery?
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    Well it depends, I usually have it on sleep during the day, and then turn it off at night. Putting it to sleep shouldn't waste any battery (I couldn't imagine it doing that). I love my iPod touch, it is amazing! And being a Canadian this is the closest I'll get to an iPhone for a while now.
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    Yeah, I am amazed by this thing, sooooo much potential as well.
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    I did a test when I first got my touch. One night I turned it off and the next night I let it just sleep. Each morning I would plug it in to top off the tank and I noticed very little juice was used and there was no noticeable difference between the two ways of turning off the touch. So... don't worry about it.
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    I was wondering about this question aswell. Good to know sleep doesn't sap the battery too much as the startup time is quite long
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    It shouldn't affect battery life much. I would say just use sleep.
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    Good to know, thanks guys
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    I never turn off my touch durring the day its in sleep mode and then I charge it on the universal dock thats plug in to my surround sound so its my alarm in the morning.
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    Doesn't everything consume a little bit of power when it's asleep? It would make sense to have it sleep during the day and be completely off at nite.
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    In my personal experience, I usually put it on sleep. Turning it off seems to erode the battery. I have usually have it on sleep for days and the battery goes down very little. Just put it on sleep and then you can listen whilst you work ;)
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    I always keep my ipt sleeping if I can't listen to it. Sleep or off, this makes no difference
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    Sleep really doesn't seem to consume much battery, even overnight. And if you're talking about even shorter periods (say an hour or 2), powering off and back on might even consume more power due to boot-up. (I don't know, just speculating.)

    Similar to the great sleep mode in Mac notebooks. The device powers down everything but the RAM, so current draw is minimal.

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