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Sleeve vs Hard Case for 13"?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thriii, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Not sure which to get right now so what are the reasons to get 1 over the other?

    I have a backpack with a spot for a laptop, but I'm not sure if thats enough to protect my macbook air so I'm thinking about a sleeve.. but then I worry about the macbook air when i take it out of the sleeve because of scratches and stuff like that.

    The hard case I'm thinking about getting is the Incipio Feather:

    does anyone have this case? how is it?

    are there a such thing as a sleeve i can use while still keeping the hard case on?
    (please dont say bookbook :eek:)
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    Nice case!! I have a invisible shield and a bookbook on mine.
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    I prefer a naked laptop with a sleeve. Right now I've got a thing for Booq Vyper sleeves...
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    Can go either way....but sleeve with right material shouldn't scratch your MBA....ie, micro-fiber suede, neoprene, etc...
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    I believe he's referring to scratches while it's out of the sleeve.
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    Call me paranoid but I am going for both! Really like the new air but I am still feeling like I need gloves to hold it with so I don;t scratch it. Just ordered the incipio feather and also have the slimline speck sleeve. Great combo me thinks!!!
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    I always wonder, would the material on WOOL sleeves scratch the mba?

    Love the look of the wool sleeves though.
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    I wouldn't think wool would be a problem....
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    You do realize the laptop is already made out of metal that doesn't really scratch unless you drag your keys along it... go walk around a university campus and you'll see 90% of MBP/MBA have no covers and 1% of them have any meaningful amount of scratches

    I have kept my MBP/MBA's in a similar backpack or bag compartment for years, no problems. Who wants to buy a thin laptop anyhow, just to bundle it up in something thicker
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    To each his own, but I'd much prefer to have at least a minimal amount of protection (ie, neoprene sleeve, etc...) on such a valuable device, especially if I were to accidentally drop it...

    Just my 2¢....YMMV.....
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    I thought about that but still not sure if thats the route I want to go in are you putting the macbook air inside the sleeve with the incipio feather still attached or do u plan on removing it before sliding it into the sleeve?

    I think I'm just a bit paranoid at the moment.. if I didnt get a hard case, what would be a great sleeve to get? Looking for something minimal in detail.. black.. if possible no big logo that stands out


    Dropping it is my biggest concern :eek:
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    I always put a clear skin from bestskinsever.com on my Macs (currently on my MBA). Makes me less paranoid about scratches and gives it a nicer grip than the bare aluminum.
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    thats a good idea! I was wondering if they had 1 for macbook airs.. so it seems it covers the whole thing.. does it also cover the screen?
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    If you're going to get a sleeve, I highly recommend the Sleevecase from Water Field. They are probably the highest quality and most protective sleeve out there with their 6mm neoprene padding(unless you go for a hard sleeve case, like the booq viper).

    I handle my 13" Air somewhat rough (tossing it on the table, shoving it in my backpack full of stuff, tossing the backpack) when it's in the sleeve and it's been great so far.
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    Hardshell will get annoying later since you won't get to enjoy the design. I say get a sleeve. Doesn't have to be a specific one since they all do the same thing--protect your Mac.
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    I got the speck clear case (so you still get to enjoy looks) and their sleeve. The sleeve is a bit tight and hard to put on sometimes, but it fits.

    I'd like to try the incipio as well. The speck clear case would benefit from being a bit lighter on the display assembly. I wonder if the feather is much lighter?
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    No, their skin does not cover the screen. It covers the outer lid, bottom, trackpad, palm rest areas, and a few of the thin edges. I actually like leaving the screen as-is since I don't ever touch it.
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    I'm getting the incipio feather case and the switch easy thins. can never be too careful :D
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    WaterField Smart Case

    I use this sleeve....perfect

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    I have got a incipio feather case on my 11" air and I can't think of anything bad to say about it!

    It doesn't make my air feel any bigger than it did before and provides plenty of protection! Plus it fits snug enough so that no dirt gets behind it!!

    I also bought a incase sleeve from eBay and it still fits in it with the feather Case on!! Obviously it is a bit tighter than before but it does still fit!! I Use the sleeve mainly for when it's in my backpack!

    I just like to know that it isn't going to get damaged easily I know they are pretty hard machines anyway but I'd rather be safe than sorry!! especially as its my pride and joy!!

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    I tend not to be very rough on my laptops, so I just use a sleeve. I figure the designers and engineers would have added another case if it really needed one.

    Got this sleeve for my MBA for $10:
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    Both very nice sleeves! I have been looking for one that completely covers the laptop but these are pretty nice.. I like the booq viper so far and think I'm going to go with a sleeve instead of a hardcase after thinking about it and some of the replies here.

    just wish it was a bit more simple.. not looking for much just a simple design that offers great protection all around. Is there anything that would protect my air as much or close to the booq viper that is minimal in design?
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    Hi, got a question for people using the Booq viper 13" (I suppose all the viper series are hard case?) for the MBA, does the Air sit nicely inside the case or can you actually hear noise as you carry it around? I am asking because I think viper is for unibody so it fits a MBP which is thicker in height.
    Thanks in advance

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