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slight gap when iBook is closed...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dscan99, Jan 19, 2005.

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    When I close my iBook shut, I see a slight 1cm (or less) gap. It's not completely shut.. I didn't pay close attention to it when it was brand new 2 months ago I'm not sure if it existed from Day 1 or not...

    Does anyone know if it's normal for this gap to exist or does it require a visit to the dealer?

    Thanks :)
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    Ummm... 1cm or 1mm?
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    There it is a gap, about 1mm, not cm. Because you don't want the screen laying right on the keyboard. Do you?
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    Dscan, Look at the top of the screen -- see the two feet at the upper left and upper right corners of the plastic surrounding it? They sit on the palm-rest surface. So they hold the screen away from the keyboard. Maybe *two* mm. ;) But yes, that is by design. If those aren't in contact with the palm-rest, *then* something is askance. :cool:
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    heh..guess i'm worse at estimating lengths than I thought.

    I just measured it and it's a 2mm gap. Thanks for the explanation re: two lil feet sticking out. Never really observed those. :)

    I'm feeling good again...... :D
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    Well, the iBook is sooo beautiful....just wait until the next time you sit down at a laptop from Dell or Compaq! :p
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    heh.. funny you mention that. I do sit in front of a Dell laptop at work and I just don't feel the love!!!!It just look slike a chunka metal combined with a chunka plastic. (black that is). The iBook has made my time spent in front of a computer truly worthwile. Last week I found myself emailing some work-stuff home just so I could spend more time with 'er. :D IS that weird or what? :rolleyes:

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