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Slow burning speeds

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by CrackedButter, Jul 19, 2003.

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    how come the powerbooks only have 8x burning speeds for CDR and thats for all of them. Its strange isn't it considering iBooks have 24x speed and they are regarded as being crippled when compared to the powerbooks.

    I was looking at the PDF files on Apple site, glancing at the tech specs.
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    Attachment provided. Notice that the 12 inch model Powerbooks have the same iBook CD-R speeds.

    BTW: The 17 inch Powerbooks also have CD-R 8x.

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    The 12" combo writes at 24x. But I agree, 8x is obscenely slow, and I would hope those would get bumped a bit with the next powerbook upgrade, and maybe the dvd speed too.
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    if i read that correctly the 15'' burns at 8, and the 12 and 17 write at 24?
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    No, the 17 writes at 8 as well, thanks to its peppy SuperDrive.
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    what about the 12, what is the write speed on that?
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    I don't understand why they are so slow considering they are pro models.
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    I'm surprised people don't read the first reply in a thread with the answer to the question someone asks regardless.

    They are pro models, but they are also thin Superdrives. The iBooks are not as thin, i.e., they can fit cheaper and faster optical drives.

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