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Slow MBP early 2011 with mountain lion

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by bardiaheshmati, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Hi , Last night I upgraded my machine to Mountain Lion and it was so slow and laggy , Today i did a clean install , the installation was fast but still so laggy , when i disable the automatic graphic switch it becomes bette but still so slow ...
    My machine is MBP Early 2011 with 8 GB Ram , One more thing is when i want to resize my Safari and Chrome to fit the screen (NOT FULL SCREEN) it stops where my dock used to be but i always hide my dock , other applications are fine.

    any help
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    Is Spotlight indexing?
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    Snow Leopard was the last decent osx.
    and btw I have the same macbook pro, always had problems. Im still having problems, it gets super hot, kernel panic, etc. It always get SLOW. So slow and laggy
    I hate it, 3 times at the apple repair shop , nothing happened
    lets forget about the pro side of apple :(
    now, cause of this useless 4000$ macbook pro i bought 1 year and 2 months ago I cant work
    so im thinkin about hackintxxxxdsadafxcghtghdfg
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    That is odd. I have the 17" variant of the early 2011 model. It seems to have no problems. I would guess that you could try preparing permissions. Launch disk utility and repair permissions. Also spotlight is normally a culprit of heat caused by upgrades.
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    I did a clean install on my early 2011 MBP and it is faster now than it was with Lion.
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    It is a bit more laggy on my MBP early 2011, at least more than Lion. I had the same issue with Lion until 10.7.1 came out. I guess since it's the first iteration of the OS, it maybe sorta expected. I have to admit after a few days of using it has gotten a little less laggy. Maybe it's just my perception of "getting used to it", dunno.
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    Clean install or upgrade?
    My clean install is way faster, even with integrated the gpu on.
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    Krazy Bill

    dot zero release. Typical. Apple will do some graphics tweaks in the subsequent updates.
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    That could be a problem. If you can, backup your data and do a clean wipe and install. Don't use time machine for restoring your data. It will bring back the slowness with it.
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    I have early 2011 13 inch which is equiped in intel hd 3000 only. All animations are slower than in Lion or Snow Leopard. Probably there are bad graphic drivers. I have made some novabench test on lion and mountain lion. On lion novabench graphic test scrored higher result = 50fps. On mountain lion it was only 30 fps. Its significiant difrence.
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    Why you so Laggy Mountain Lion !?!?!

    :apple: I have the same feeling for this issue , now after few days working with it , it became a bit better but still comparing to Lion it's not as smooth as it used to be ! :confused: I'm still considering whether it's related to the graphic card or not , I watched a video in YouTube someone posted a short piece of video of this problem [ Mountain Lion Preview 3] and he turned off the Auto graphic switching . it seemed that it was ok after that !

    :apple: I did clean installation too ! when i upgraded first time from lion , Hell so slow ! i wanted to cry for the first few hours ! haha !

    :apple: I remember last year when lion came out i help my friend to upgrade her SnowLeopard to lion , her machine was the 2010 model , When for the first time i tried to open the App lunch with pinching 4 fingers it was so laggy and i was so surprised ! now i'm experiencing the same problem ! haha !
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    This: Is Spotlight indexing?

    I was laggy at first and a little concerned but once spotlight finished indexing my macbook was running faster than it was before. :)
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    Same old problem here!

    I have the MacBook Pro 17" and mine is so slow it's close to unusable at the moment. Mail and Safari both continue to "stop responding". I certainly hope it's Spotlight and re-indexing everything, otherwise this will be the worst upgrade ever. Rick

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