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Slowdowns at Apple Discussion Forums Continues

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Santaduck, Mar 17, 2004.

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    Apple's Discussion Forums (at http://discussions.info.apple.com which is where http://www.apple.com/support leads to) has been experiencing some slowdowns and lack of functionality since about Mar 9. The short update is provided on this page on Mar 17 reads:
    More information is available at the discussion forum announcement subforum is here, and here are a few posts from Mark W, an Apple forum Admin, from Mar 16, 15, & 9.

    note the "one server" remark below:

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    Upgrading to XServe G5?? Are they shipping them out yet??
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    they make it sound so complicated they need some fat BW pipes and Xgrid just for forums :rolleyes:

    it looks bad imho to have a major computer mfg not able to hold down the fort on a working webpage area for more than a week.
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    They say it is the software written by some other company causing the problems. If that is really the case maybe they should have written it themselves.
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    Boy was I a little slow. I thought it was only my computer. Never thought it was the site. After seeing there new xserver demo in Boston last December I was kinda under the assumption that... well you get it. So you think they could learn from "Mac Forums" huh?
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    Another week later (mar 22) and they are still having problems. Custom avatars, leveling, votes all still disabled. Update says they are running on two servers now. *sigh*

    just put it all on a customized vbulletin imho =\
  7. tsk
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    Seems to me, there is always someone else to blame with Apple.
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    I surprised that Apple wouldn't have written their own software for the site. :confused:
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    I just checked last night (April 13) and still no avatars or "recent posts"
    well here is the "announcement"

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