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Small iPhone to Have Edge to Edge Screen, Voice Navigation?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 13, 2011.

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    The Wall Street Journal has updated their previous story, adding some new details about the rumored smaller iPhone.
    The new phone is said to have an "edge to edge" screen with (obviously) a touch interface. The one possibly new feature appears to be "voice navigation". Apple already offers some rudimentary Voice Control with the current iPhone, so it's not clear if this voice navigation is something really new. The newspaper also adds that the iPhone 4 is also expected to be updated.

    Article Link: Small iPhone to Have Edge to Edge Screen, Voice Navigation?
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    Unless it's going to be a device with just a few redesigned native apps -- and not connected to the App Store ecosystem -- then this is not something that's going to happen. The current iPhone OS and app user interfaces cannot shrink without the user experience going to hell.
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    So instead of a bigger screen we'll have the option to opt for a smaller screen? Nice.
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    Voice based navigation?
    How is that going to work with a lot of background noise outside?
  5. PBF
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    Wow, so many iPhone nano rumours at once! I think it is coming to fruition after all. :eek:
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    English isn't my first language so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but what is an edge to edge screen? And how does it differ from what we have in iPhone's today?
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    Uh oh. Didn't Apple learn their lesson with the iPod shuffle/cigarette lighter fiasco? Let's hope this is something entirely different.
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    Unless it had the same resolution as the first three generations of iPhone (480x320).

    (edited as pointed out by alectheking)
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    iPhone 4 gets updated with a new "edge to edge" screen? How? Via software update?
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    No home button, basically. Just a giant glass slate without a border.
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    The screen will make up the entire face of the iPhone.
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    you mean 480x320.
  13. boshii, Feb 13, 2011
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    I'm guessing it means no black bezel on the face of the screen, which should've been done already.

    Enter 4GS ;)
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    Why can't we get a slightly LARGER iPhone? . . . All I'm asking for is a 3.7" or a 4". . .

    Dear :apple:,

    I'm Kind of a BIG deal. :cool: (Meaning I have larger hands...) :rolleyes: I'm not asking for much, but if you're going to actually make a 'nano' version, make the standard-sized just a wee bit larger.


    PS: Now please take my moniez for a pre-order and let me get it 2-3 days before the masses. THANKS!
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    Even then, it's not the resolution that's the point. The interface and apps are designed for a 3.5" display. Any smaller and they wouldn't work properly. Buttons would be too small to press etc., meaning that the current apps in the App Store wouldn't be compatible.

    If this phone really does get released, I'm guessing it'll run iOS in a similar way to how the iPod nano currently does (its own few apps and no access to the App Store).
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    I wouldn't say that. It's all coming from the same source (WSJ) and they could easily be wrong, especially when the rumor is supposedly 6+ months out...
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    You need the bezel to hold the phone without touching the display, much like how the iPad has a thick bezel around its display.
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    Thus entered the iPhone 4 for with a second microphone located near the headphone plug to reduce background noise...
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    No you don't. I never touch the bezel.

    When it's in my hand, it's either resting on my palm or i'm gripping it by the antenna.
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    Don't forget, Apple purchased...

    ...the AI based electronic butler service a year or so ago. I forget the name of the company (although I did know the founders!) and it allows you to issue spoken commands in natural English. IE, "Book appointment at hotel XYZ from START DATE to END DATE" etc.

    And being the service is cloud based (I believe), it could (like Google voice search) work on any connected device.
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    Given the level of details, at least a prototype exists. Whether it comes to market or not is the question.

    If it hits production, this is a big leak. I am sure people at Apple are not too pleased about this.
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    So if i have this right, then in the next few months we'll be seeing..

    iPad 2
    MacBook Pro refresh
    iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4GS or whatever it'll be called)
    iPhone Nano (with edge to edge screen) (or whatever it'll be called)
    iOS 5
    Mac OS X 10.7
    Free MobileMe
    iTunes air sync

    wow..this is amazing.

    I really like the idea of a smaller phone, but i think "half-size" is cutting it too small, but we'll see. This is gonna be a huge blow to Android, as Apple will now be competing against the amount of iPhones in the market with the iPhone Nano, along with the specs of the Android devices as well with the iPhone 5.
    Both possibly running a polished iOS 5.

    And for all of us with Macs, we'll be seeing Lion be released, and maybe iOS 5 and Lion will have some sort of syncing ability or something. Their releases seem pretty close by.
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    So, two new iPhones at once... Nice...:D
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    You're forgetting the MBP refresh...
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    Would love to see the top and bottom black edging shrink or almost disappear. I've wanted that since the first iPhone.

    I see some mentioning they want a bigger screen... to each their own but I would never want anything bigger than the current iPhone. It's PHONE.. not a tablet or a laptop. I see people with the 4" Droids and it makes me laugh. Looks ridiculous. I'm fine with options, but as long as they don't ever bring the standard size up. That would stink.

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