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Smart Cover is ****ing brilliant.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by spazma7ik, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Don't know that I'd ever use it, but damn that's pure brilliance. I'm impressed.

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    Bet them magnets scratch like all hell. I see them flopping. I love my apple case for my iPad. I hope it stays as an option.
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    Can't say I am a fan of the cover
    Will have to see it in person

    I love my Apple case right now
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    I wonder if they're going to demo it in the store and how they're going to do it.
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    It seems a bit pricey for a flap...
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    I don't agree, at all. It's not that great of an idea.

    I'm excited to see what third party case manufacturers will do with the magnets (?) in the iPad that will allow it to be woken up by this cover. It will offer extra functionality for other cases, but the smart cover really isn't all that useful.
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    One would think a smart cover would be smart enough to cover the back too.
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    Exactly, in real world situations it isn't that useful, hence why I'd never use one. But on paper and in demo, it's brilliant!
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    But they don't want to cover the pretty design!

    It's not going to be too pretty after it gets scratched to hell because the case didn't cover the back.
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    So it works like a Blackberry's OEM holster... Not that great a case either since it doesn't cover the back at all...
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    palm pilots use to include flap covers in the box for free. $39 for a cover that is a flap is hilarious, but if they can get that much for it then you can't fault apple for doing it

    i prefer to old case

    and you gotta love the marketing. "smart cover" what exactly is smart about it?
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    That's what it is. I had forgotten where it came from. The sleeper magnet on the back of that case was an awesome idea in 2005.
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    But what is really the point of having an unscratched back...if you never see it?

    I'm not saying having a scratched back is good...but you could have a gouge in it and if you have a cover, you'd never know it. They could have made the back out of green plastic with red dots and if you use a cover, who cares, right?

    Now I do use a case on my iPad 1...but it's so I can stand it up on its own, and that's the purpose that the Smart Case will serve as well.

    If you are really concerned about scratches, get one of those invisible shield things for the back.
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    Resell value.
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    It's just about keeping it in good condition. The plastic films look really terrible; if they aren't applied right, they'll get bubbles and they also get dirty over time.

    It's all about keeping your stuff in good condition. Resale value would be the main argument for people who buy Apple products.
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    Pretty neat how it works, and cute enough to sell a lot I'm sure. I bet the $5 knockoffs on eBay will work just as well though. And hopefully it connects just as strong over a clear skin on the device, which I'm sure would make a good combination.

    That said, not exactly my kind of case/cover.
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    Do you folks also use those plastic couch covers so that your furniture will be in pristine condition when your kids take it to the Salvation Army? :D
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    I usually carry my ipad in a briefcase/bag with lots of other books and things. I don't think the magnets will do a decent enough job of staying attached. They don't protect the back of the ipad, and they only need to fall off once for the screen to get scratched to hell.

    Plus, who knows what else in my bag will get stuck to those magnets, even without a cover.
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    No, it's just that after my experience with my MBP, I've learned that Aluminium is a fairly soft metal. It scratches easily, dents easily, and just isn't that durable overall.

    If I were to keep this laptop/iPad forever, I would keep a cover off of it and just let it take hits as they come, but I am someone who upgrades early and often; I need to be able to get as much money out of the stuff that I buy as possible.

    I'd rather spend a few bucks on a case than end up losing more money when I try to sell it back. It's less of a big deal when it comes to the iPad, as it will probably hold value better percentage-wise, regardless of its condition, but it's still a valid concern.
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    Looks like garbage. No back protection. Can't stand up in portrait. Will most certainly scratch the back. No drop protection. It seems very greedy of apple to make cases. They should stick to the hardware. I bet the magnets interfere with the compass too.
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    Does anybody know how the iPad 2 is able to tell whether or not the cover is closed? I initially thought "NFC", but I guess not.
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    I think it's a great design. I'm sure there will be 3rd party covers for the back that will work with the front cover as well.
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    Answer above -- blackberry does this with their phone holsters

    Magnet in the flap somewhere on the right edge. Hall effect sensor inside the iPad at the correct spot. iPad knows when a magnet comes close to the sensor.
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    I think it looks very un apple, clunky, boofy looking and doesn't even look like it will protect it that well, and on the back not at all. What are you going to do have a another cover to put it in when you carry it in a bag? Nah. And those magnets are just going scratch it after a year of use. Lastly, I can imagine there will be alot of dropped ipads because people grab the cover and the magnets come undon.

    No thanks.
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    Haha no and my furniture is looking beat and my iPhone has scratches all over it. I dont worry about resale value. I would go mad and anyway this thing I am hoping gets me at least 2 years use.

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