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Smart Cover = Stripy iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Crosbie, Apr 3, 2011.

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    I like the smart covers a lot. It was a great idea to have a micro fibre inside surface that cleans your iPad.

    Except: the bits where the cover folds don't come into contact with the glass, so when you open it, you have greasy stripes running down your screen.

    Only me? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Haven't seen that, but the microfiber doesn't seem to keep the iPad clean at all. I'm still walking around with a nice microfiber cloth in my pocket to wipe it down all the damn time. Besides that, I find the "stand" functionality to really suck. It's weak and fragile as all hell. I have heard of a few others mention a similar issue with greasy stripes from them though, so there must be something to it.
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    My friend's iPad does that as well, also fairly dumb that the microfiber portion is the exposed part when you're using it as a stand.
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    Mine did have that problem but it seems to have sorted itself out. Maybe its some residue left from the manufacturing process.
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    You can fold the triangle inside out so that the front of the cover (colored part) is what is exposed when its standing up.
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    but then you can't use the stand vertical because it becomes top heavy. The proper way is to have the microfiber out and it does get dirty, but it's not like the microfiber actually does any "cleaning" on it's own so it's no big deal.
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    Mine stands up perfectly in both standing positions when I have the front of the smartcover as the outside of the triangle..
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    Mine did the same thing and I agree about the microfiber touching everything.
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    You can fold it to avoid the microfibre being exposed.

    Next thing: residue from the aluminium marking the touching surfaces, and worse, apparently staining my (tan leather) cover. :/
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    the more and more i play with the smart cover the more i cant stand it.

    it 100% scratched my screen when i didnt realize it probably had dirt on the microfibers. i have the stripes down the screen and it will only stand up right with the microfibers exposed otherwise it opens up and the ipad flops down.
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    I've noticed the same thing. It seems to be less noticeable as time goes by. It was really distressing when it was brand new and having those grease streaks on the screen when you opened the cover.
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    I notice the strips also. I hope it goes away.
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    People, OP, it helps if you wash your hands once in a while......
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    Ah yes, I hadn't noticed that I'd been operating my iPad with my hands smeared in turd. That must be the solution, thank you.
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    Well see......you figured out your problem!:eek:
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    Thanks for giving me a good laugh.....nice some here actually have a sense of humor:D
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    I get the same thing. If you want to get rid of them, shift the cover around a bit while it still covering the screen. Also, the Smart Cover really does clean the screen on it's own IMO. When I go to bed, it is covered in fingerprints, yet when I wake up, it looks brand new, with the exception of the stripes.
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    Mine gets dust lines on the screen in those locations. No biggie.
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    Yes, I notice those stripes as well.

    FWIW, I think the idea of the microfibre cleaning the screen simply by virtue of being next to the screen is bunk. I told an Apple customer service so much while walking through an Apple store the other day. He agreed :eek: Apparently, that's not how they work. He got one and folded it into a triangle and then began to wipe the unit down with one of the microfibre faces of that triangle. He then re-attached it.

    Live an learn, I never thought to do that :eek: Since then my screen has been much cleaner. Although I do have some reservations of using a microfibre surface that is also in contact with unclean surfaces. But I guess with a little observation I could figure out which one that is and avoid using it.
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    I got the stripes too. Gave up and bought a ShaggyMac microfiber cloth that fits the iPad 2 size, and just put it in between the screen and the SmartCover. That way before I use it I can just wipe it off with the ShaggyMac and then put it on my desk until it's time to close the SmartCover again.

    Lots of iPad cleaning questions lately...
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    Cleans the screen?

    Cleans the screen? Sounds like BS, right? I mean, how does laying this cover on the glass clean the screen???

    Well, what they really meant when they said that, was that if you fold the cover into the triangle stand-shape with the microfiber facing out, you can use this as a screen cleaner like you might wipe the glass down with a cloth. Neat, huh? :)
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    It actually does clean the screen when you have it closed. For one thing, because of the hinge it shifts back and forth slightly when you are picking it up, walking with it, and handling it. (You can also shift it back and forth yourself manually to clean the screen immediately.) And I am not sure but I believe the microfiber actually absorbs the fingerprints and stuff on the screen. All I know is that I can have a greasy screen and close the cover and pick it back up later on in the day and notice the screen isn't nearly as greasy as it was before.

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