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Smoke White and Midnight Blue Colorware iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by billyripkin, Feb 6, 2008.

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    So I just got my Colorware iPhone today which I ordered on Jan 16th. Since no one ever seems to provide much details on this cool color option I thought I would provide some picture and details about the process.

    First ordering could not have been easier. I designed the phone I wanted using the website and placed the order. A couple days later I decided I wanted to add to the order the painted dock and earbuds but was not sure if I still could. That's where Colorware has a nice edge in that during business hours you can go onto there website and speak with someone via online chat. They looked up my order and were able to add it with no problem. I was even able to find out later when my phone would be shipped through the online chat.

    Now for the product itself. The first thing out of the box that I noticed is the extreme shine the paint has. I went with Smoke White and Midnight Blue which has a nice sparkle in the light. The paint job is PERFECT and matched exactly what I thought I would be getting. As you can see from the photos the box comes with a Colorware logo on the top and sides and is repacked just like new from Apple. It included all the normal parts just as expected and to my surprise it came with software 1.1.1 which means Jailbreakme.com is in my near future!

    Now I just need to pick out a color for my macbook!:D

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    More photos

    Some more pics

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    Last of the pics

    Last few pics

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    I can't even speak. Thats so cool. I love the blue
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    each to his own, i suppose.
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    looks sweet :cool: I would have gone with some different colors but to each his own.. :)

    edit: and we said the same thing, weird
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    It looks quite nice, dunno if i'd have gone for the white personally.

    How much extra did it set you back and how long did you have to wait?
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    I could go to the site and total it myself, but I'd rather just ask. How much was it altogether? I'm considering this option for a macbook come summertime (I have $1500 from my college of choice specifically for a laptop), and I've always heard great things about the paint job. Is it worth the cash?
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    It might look better in real life, but in the photos that white on black looks fairly hideous in my eyes.
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    My wife's phone against mine

    She also has one colored too.

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    it does look kinda like those cases... hrm.

    edit: one solid color looks great, even if it is pink in this case.
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    Total coloring costs are $230 for everything painted. Very expensive but it was my christmas gift. :rolleyes:
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    I agree the one solid color versions looks the best, IMO. If i had the money, I would totally get an all red one. The only thing I hate is the little Colorware logo on the phone...
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    You, billyripkin, are a very independent and whimsical mind. Nobody can take that away from you. NOBODY.


    Will they do that with the touch? I wanna get mine colorified!
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    I like it, but i just cant justify that price. I keep mine in a little jam jacket 90% of the time, so it wouldn't be that smart of a thing to do..

    But congrats :)
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    I feel the same way, it looks great, but I could not justify that price. I can barely justify the price of the phone itself. :)
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    Eric Lewis

    sorry...but the white is ugly
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    I was just reading through this thread and I just have to say to those of you that made comments about how the phone is ugly/hideous should really keep those comments to yourselves. Shame on you. He's obviously been waiting for several weeks to receive his new phone in the mail and wanted to share his excitement with other iphone fans and instead some people tell him that it's ugly.

    You know what they say, if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.
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    It's well-done and it's nice that they're offering a professionally-done option...but I'm just not feeling it.

    To each his own, indeed.
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    Thank you for the nice comments and for those that don't like my color choices I can understand because it would be a very boring world if we all liked the same thing.

    I basically wanted to post this for anyone thinking about getting a colorware phone because for months I did research and found very little "real world" reviews and pics of actual phones painted.

    PS-thanks for the comments MzErica81;)
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    Awesome. Makes me want one, especially with iPhones becoming more and more common. Nobody else has one where I live, but it's also a town of only 500k. Toronto, on the other hand - I've seen 6 on one night out.

    If they have Anodized aluminum color choices, and not glossy paint, I'd be all over it. But yea, I can see myself using this colour combo, or maybe a black/red or white/red combo - although maybe for special weekends, not all the time. Hey, that should be in the next iPhone; custom set the phone's colour internally. :D

    Thanks for posting the pics.
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    I think it looks awesome. Expensive, but gorgeous!
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    What do mean ugly. You're just jealous:) For me its unique.
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    im going to presume this destroys your warranty :D but hell its nice i would love to have it in all black :D its sexy :D
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    Actually, I don't think it does, but if you have problems and they replace it with a refurb, that would suck big time. A family member of mine had that experience with an engraved iPod, which was free (though sentimental)...imagine having paid $230 for the paint job! Does Colorware offer any repaint warranty if your iPhone has to be replaced because it breaks?

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