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SMS bubble colors

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by calvy, Sep 14, 2008.

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    So, I've found where I need to drop the files, but can someone give me some pink png files to be used at SMS bubbles? My girlfriend has been dying for me to do this to her unlocked/jailbroken first gen iPhone, and I haven't been able to find a theme that seems to do it.
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    If you find a blank bubble png file please share.
    There is a bubble png file in iphone in sms.app and you could extract it and tint it to pink with photoshop/ any other picture editing application, but the trouble is that when i extract the file from iphone on my desktop it cannot be opened by anything, and I couldn't manage to find a transparent bubble file online. So I don't know what's going on with mac graphic community in relation to this bubble png file
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    Here ya go: http://modmyi.com/wiki/index.php/Fix_iPhone_png_FixPngDroplet
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    Hehehe...I had a female friend of mine demand I cobble together a pink theme for her. Being the "tech-geek" friend can be such fun sometimes....


    Pack of SMS balloons....includes hot pink & light pink...
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    You need to give her a pink battery, too! That's one of the main reasons that I jailbreak...the pink and purple SMS balloons and the pink battery!

    Those are easy to get with Customize, but it seems to be down right now. Let me know if you need the pink battery png's.
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    I have a regular, unmodified iPhone 3G running 2.1

    do I need to jailbreak/unlock my phone to do anything like this?

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    You must jailbreak your phone. From there, you can either use SSH to copy files directly to the phone or wait for Customize to come back up.
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    Nvm Got it =).
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    Perfect. Is the pink theme you created anywhere? I can't recall the one she's currently using, but I found it in Cydia, and applied with Winterboard. Customize didn't work very well for us, so I've avoided it on her phone. I do have the slider changed to nice little flower, but the battery needs to be pink again and she's actually griping at me about the SMS bubbles, so you've already helped me a ton. But anything else you got me get me a little extra thanks ;)
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    what work do you need done, since I have my iphone hooked up and am changing some of my own images, I can colorize some for you as well. If you need things done post here if you want you can PM me, i can help you get ure images on the iphone as well.
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    I do need those pngs for the battery. That's about the last thing I need, and she's set.

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