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SNES controller on steroids

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, May 16, 2006.

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    i just found this video. it looks like the traditional 2 handed controller has 4 buttons on top. it looks like it could be used for NES, SNES, N64 and 'cube... it also looks rather thick. i'm guessing rumble feedback, motion sensing and some other un-known things are in there.
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    That's the "classic controller". It was announced and discussed fairly heavily during E3. Word is rumble, no motion sensing, it attaches to the Wiimote for wireless transmission. Used for N64 and earlier games (could use it for GCN, too, I suppose).
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    Personally I'd have preferred they just reskinned the GCN controller (and Wavebird). The classic controller looks like a horrid replica of the playstation controller... complete with terrible analog stick positioning! gah...

    And yes, they would lso need to increase the size of the D-Pad on the GCN controller because it sucks for games that actually USE it! heh.
  4. Lau

    I really like the look of it. My favourite controller has always been the SNES one, 'cause it fits my little hands. The NES one was fantastically simple, but really hurt, and after that they've just got too big and complicated. This looks like a perfect compromise to me.
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    I think this controller will be fine as a universal solution, if they sell it along side of specific shells for different systems. An actual SNES or N64 controller goes a long way.

    If they are trying for a one controller fits all, well, this will call fantastically short for a LOT of N64 games, and just not be right for some of the 16-bit games.
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    The N64 controller is *so weird* and *so unique* I dont' think this is going to be a good fit for alot of its games. OTOH, it's perfect (IMO) for Cube games, NES games, and SNES games.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if some 3rd party didn't come out with a N64 like controller. I just can't see playing N64 games on the nintendo one.
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    i wouldn't be surprised if nintendo made an N64 controller replica.
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    I'd be happy with a port convertor of some sort so I can use my drawer full of n64, snes, and nes controllers, rather than use *that* to play them.

    of course, on that note, I don't know how much I'll be downloading, as I've got most of the games that I want for each respective system, but still...
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    Thats what I was thinking, but Progressive Scan retro games will be snazzy. and wireless controllers too. Plus it's a reason to get airtight boxes and stick the old stuff in there for the rest of my life :cool:
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    Mario 64 is very hot in 720p with AA and AF using an Xbox 360 controller to play. ;)
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    Actually, any game that is 2D really does not benefit from "progressive scan"...

    I've done enough retro gaming through emulation to know that, while the graphics are certainly crisp and vivid, they often look better on an actual television. Of course if you can have a good Super Eagle interpolation filter on the graphics they can be very nice... but doubtful we'll see that on Wii.

    I was glad to hear that all the retro games coming to XBL are going to have remastered "HD" graphics... now that I am looking forward to! Contra 1 with remastered art... mmmm.
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    Re-mastered HD art? Wouldn't that make the games remakes? and take a lot more time than just porting?

    I'm all for that though. It just sounds a little awkward on the developers side. Especially if they use pixel art again. HD pixel art? I'm working on a still 1680*1050 pixel art piece now and it's taking months.
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    Yeah, that's what Peter said in the MS press conference...

    But yeah, it would take time and money... but not compared to a new game. Statistics that I have seen say that XBL Arcade purchases are very high, meaning there is a lot of profit to be had there.

    Also keep in mind that a lot of the art in many of these games (like Street Fighter) are drawn/painted, digitized, and then touched up per-pixel. This would make Higher res graphics less time consuming then you would think (with the even older games that were drawn pixel by pixel). And games like Mortal Combat had characters that were mocapped, photos of people in costumes that were digitized, then touched up.

    So in that sense the art would take quite as long as you'd expect from "true" pixel art where every pixel is done by hand.

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