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Snow Leopard & CS3

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by shady825, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Does anyone here know if CS3 was working properly or at all on Snow Leopard? (developer seeds obviously)

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    Out of curiosity, why wouldn't it?
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    CS4, seeing as Adobe doesn't really care about any problems on the Mac with their products (i.e. Flash videos)
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    Why doesn't CS3 work on Snow Leopard? I don't understand. It is Universal Binary after all, or not?
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    When a new OS comes out, sometimes, it isn't fully compatible with 3rd party apps (right away). Therfor the developer, Adobe in this case, will release a "patch" to support the new OS.
    BUT with CS4 out I'm sure Adobe wants people to go that direction.

    I was hoping SL wasn't a big enuff change to brick any apps but I guess we will just have to wait and see...
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    I am not going to update my Leopard to Snow Leopard anyway.
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    CS3 probably isn't coded properly for SL, but seeing as CS4 works, I doubt Adobe would really care and tell you to just upgrade to that instead.

    Plus SL isn't even released yet so its not really surprising. But my work computer will remain on Leopard for the time being although I'm slowly trying to migrate to CS4.
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    That'll keep me from upgrading to Snow Leopard for awhile.
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    Designer Dale

    So it looks like Adobe will use SL to muscle cash from those of us using CS3. Rats. I have better things to do with $XXX and Leopard runs fine for me. I will hang on 10.5 for a while and not complain.

  12. jwt
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    That would be a major bummer if Adobe didn't patch CS3. I bought it under the student discount, as that was all I could afford and justify. Now that I'm married, I'll have a difficult time justifying to my wife that I need to spend $400 to buy the package all over again so I can run a $30 piece of software. I'll be running Leopard for a long long long time.
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    Compile 'em all

    Why are people saying CS3 doesn't work on SL? Work fine here (been running it on SL for 1 week now).
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    I don't see adobe photoshop elements on the list, anyone know? I have version 6. I hope it works.
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    Maybe cause it isn't working for some of us? :confused:

    Or maybe cause I like putting peanut butter on my [​IMG] for dogs to lick it off.
    I wouldn't be surprised since no matter how much we tell them Flash is anally raping our Macs they wont do jack about it.
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    doug in albq

    CS3 works fine in SL, including FTP'ing with Dreamweaver

    this is just more FUD.

    if CS3 does not work for YOU, then your computer has its own individual problems.
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    I came across this list of compatible/incompatible applications the other day. The last time I looked at it CS3 was listed as not working. Now it says that it is working but there are "Minor bugs in Photoshop and/or Dreamweaver."

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    Adobe just released an official statement regarding Snow Leopard, and it doesn't sound good for CS3 users:
    I can understand not supporting CS2 and older versions, since they're PowerPC applications and Snow Leopard isn't available for PowerPC Macs. But CS3? Come on Adobe :mad:
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    Heh, what a shock. Adobe might as well have included a photo of a middle finger in that statement as well.
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    So they said they didn't test it and it wasn't designed for Snow Leopard. That doesn't mean it won't work just means what it says they didn't test for it. So do I still have a chance that all my CS3 stuff will work on Snow Leopard just won't get anymore updates?
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    Read the bold print, they clearly said they werent going to update it to support SL.
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    Strike that, I tested it on the latest build (cause I think the last time was on 421) and the program freezing problem is gone. So, thats a sigh of relief.
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    so it does work now?
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    So far in 10A432 it seems to. I havent tested the other programs but I don't have the entire suite.
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    I posted this on the other thread, as well, but since that one has turned into a Windows/Mac OS pissing match, I thought I'd post it here as well. Apparently Photoshop CS3 has been tested on Snow Leopard and works. They're just not "officially" saying so.


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