Snow Leopard on 2012 MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ohla313, Oct 29, 2012.

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    I have a 2012 MBA 13" that came with Mountain Lion pre-installed that I would like to run Snow Leopard and Lion from an external drive. I know you can't really run an OS that is older than the one installed, but I was wondering if there is any way I can bypass it and use SL or Lion?
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    Lion may be possible, but a little complicated. (Look for YouTube videos)

    But Snow Leopard is not possible.

    Anyway, there is no reason to run Lion, as Mountain Lion is the same, but with better performance.
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    How about running Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine like VMware?
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    I have never used one so I would not know...

    Any particular reason for wanting to run Snow Leopard?
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    I have software that can only run on SL and some features from ML are missing that were on Snow Leopard such as the Activity Window in Safari.

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