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Snow Leopard versus Windows 7

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Unsurprisingly, many of Windows 7 features seem to come from former big cat names. Right now, both OSes have almost the same features. However, the difference between them is that, one of them was innovated to this point, the other was well, photocopied in many aspects (not all).

    Hence, I like the innovated and also virus free one.

    By the way, I forgot to mention Windows 7 is not leaner as Snow Leopard is. With Snow Leo I got back 6GB in space, where as my partition in BootCamp shows me that just Windows 7 takes up 14GB (minimum) in a fresh install. That's 4GB storage space up from what Vista had before I upgraded it.
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    So many of the 12 features of W7 in that article seems to come from Tiger and Leopard, just implemented a bit differently.
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    A lot of Leopards features were copied from windows, namely Times Machine. But i suppose thats acceptable because "apple maed it leik betterz!"
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    A lot? What else then?
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    Did not know that about Time Machine -- care to explain or post a link?
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    Where in Windows do you find a Time Machine solution?
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    I think they were implying that VSS was in Windows before TM. Although I don't consider VSS to be a similar solution. Mainly because VSS is incremental snapshots whereas TM is just a straight copy of the files that have change with hardlinks to those that haven't.
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    You don't. What he's referring to is Previous Versions (or Shadow Copy or Volume Snapshot Service or VSS), a business/server backup feature that exists in Windows Vista Business and Ultimate. It was introduced with Server 2003.


    Windows enthusiasts like to point to Previous Versions as the Microsoft equivalent of Time Machine. However, Microsoft does not consider it a consumer feature. That's why it doesn't ship it with Home Premium or Basic. The proper comparison would be between Windows Backup and Apple's Time Machine.

    Windows Backup and System Restore both use Previous Versions to function.
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    Thanks for that read. Yet, that doesn't mean NoSmokingBandit can come in and troll like that (no proof what naught).
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    Apple copied a Time Machine equivalent? I haven't heard that before. Especially considering such a complete solution doesn't exist in Windows.
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    At least they actually made it better, instead of making it far, far worse (Flip 3D, Windows Sidebar, Start Menu search box).
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    don't feed the troll guys. the logic behind their explanations usually compare the functionality of winamp to iTunes.

    i had a photoshop class recently where everyone kept whining that the machines didn't use windows. even after using the machines for 8 weeks, they still complained at the end of the class. it just shows you how close minded we've become where we are no longer afraid to learn something new, but be completely opposed to it.

    my prius uses a variable transmission. i didn't complain that i had to use something new or different. i embraced the difference and adapted.

    anyway - it's always great to see side by side screenshots like this. i haven't used windows since xp so i never had a chance to mess around with vista. the system requirements for windows 7 are very low-end so it really puts the pressure on Apple, since all of the intel machines that run Snow Leopard are 3 years old at 1.5GHz Core Solo. all of my macs are PPC but SL really urges me to upgrade.

    Snow Leopard may be the most important upgrade for the mac yet - but if people embrace Windows 7 it'll change how we look at the OS landscape completely.
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    I had previously used Vista for 2+ years before I got my MBP. I made a Boot Camp partition for 7, installed it, and played with it for a while. It has nothing big, just a slightly changed GUI and some revamped features. I ended up deleting the partition and making an XP partition since I need to use a few Autodesk programs that are Windows-only, and I'd rather not hassle with any glitches in Windows 7.
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    How about the whole expose per program? I think Windows 7 has a feature (which was publicly unveiled before WWDC) where you can place your mouse over a running program and see all of the open windows from that program.
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    Why exactly? It seems like windows will just gain back a bit of credibility. There is nothing game changing about SL or 7.

    The next set of OS's though, watch out, neither company can have another refinement OS immediatly after this round.
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    I love how you fanboys assume everything Microsoft does must be because they copied Apple. Both of these companies have been working on these OS's for years. These operating systems are nothing but the result of market research.

    As for the "much maligned" Vista, it has 21% market share compared to Mac OS's 7%. True while Vista wasn't as popular as XP (which has been out for 8freaking years), it appears to be more popular than the "much ignored" Mac OS.
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    Man, OS X and Windows are looking more similar than I remember.
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    I know one big difference.

    Windows comes pre loaded with viruses, thats what secretly screws the system up!!!
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    i think the way to look at it, is that Snow Leopard is the most complete iteration of osx. as if this is what 10.0 was supposed to be - a fully optimized overhaul without the legacy code of os9 or ppc, with all of the features leading up to it. whereas windows 7 is the 'true' successor of xp. that's how i see it - then again i might just be blowing smoke. :eek:
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    Just a note, with Win7 Ultimate/Pro/Enterprise actually has a mode that runs XP as a vm (think classic mode) and it allows you to run XP programs much like how Parallels Coherence works.
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    My view is the core internals of windows 7 and especially Vista is very poor. If you compare any task with the same computer with Vista Mac OSX is faster and smoother. To fix Windows you need to start afresh.
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    Are you sure about that? Someone in the photoshop benchmark thread in the mac pro subforum posted running times for some photoshop and handbrake benchmarks and the same operation was much faster in Vista than on OSX.
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    If you consider that Vista came with each and every PC in the last 2.5 years that is an abysmal number. Did you know that Microsoft counts corporate XP licenses that were sold in the last 2.5 years as Vista licenses because you always get Vista along with XP, even if you didn't want it and will never use it.

    And we all (apart from you) know that market share isn't that important when those 7% are the share with the most profitability. Ask Dell.
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    Not sure what Dell has anything to do with it considering we are talking about OS's and MS probably has quite a high margin on their offerings.

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