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Snuglet Kickstarter Project Aims to Secure Loose MagSafe 2 Cables

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Apple's MagSafe 2 power adapter, which was introduced alongside the Retina MacBook Pro in 2012, reincorporates the T-shaped connector design that was previously abandoned for an "L" style MagSafe connector due to issues with the strain that the "T" style connector placed on the power adapter cable.

    To combat cable strain with the T-shaped MagSafe 2, Apple designed the connector to pull away from the MacBook when even slight amounts of pressure are applied to the cable, resulting in frequent and unintentional cable disconnections.

    The Snuglet, a newly introduced Kickstarter project, aims to keep MagSafe 2 power adapter cables securely fastened to MacBooks by incorporating a small ring that increases the connector's magnetic connection.

    The Snuglet is described as a gold-plated "precision manufactured ring" that attaches directly to the MagSafe 2 connector. It does not interfere with the insertion or removal of the power cable, but it does ensure that the cable remains more firmly attached to the MacBook.
    While the Snuglet is meant to remain attached to a MagSafe 2 connector, it can be removed using a special tool included with the package, which means it is fully reusable. It is also designed to work in conjunction with the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter.

    There are a limited number of slots allowing interested backers to secure a set of Snuglets for $12, with additional price points available at $15 and $19. The product has an estimated ship date of September 2013.

    Article Link: Snuglet Kickstarter Project Aims to Secure Loose MagSafe 2 Cables
  2. boshii, Jul 2, 2013
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    I was just looking for a solution like this. The connection on my rMBP is pretty weak and is always falling out. The only solution I found wasn't able to be used with the lid closed. This would be perfect.

    For what it is, $12 is too much but it's better than the $19 it will eventually be.

    EDIT: Just read that it's $12 for a pair which isn't that bad.
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    Interesting, I wonder if this would reintroduce the original problems with the old T-Shaped Magsafe?

    Man I hated the T.

    The design on the L Magsafe is alot more matching to Apple, I still can't help but wonder why they didnt shrink the L for magsafe 2.
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    Almost looks as if it's too secure (example being when the person pulls it across the bed). I'd be concerned that the magsafe connector would no longer be doing its job.

    Oh, and that price...
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    What would be great, would be for Apple take onboard this annoying aspect of the new connector, work with what Snuglet is, and release a new magsafe 2. Same connector, stronger magnet.

    Or just fix it, piss everyone off and make Magsafe 3
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    i would buy a single one for maybe $7 including shipping. i have no use for 2 and anything over $9 just breaks a psychologic price barrier for me for a small ring of metal. *shrug*

    good luck to them though. i do have these issues and it's nice to see someone trying to fix it. hopefully it doesn't do the magsafe plug a disservice.
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    Interesting how many people can find solutions for problems that don't exist, and band-aids for problems that stem from improper use. I have here a MagSafe 1 adaptor from the original MacBook Pro that has never had a problem - I just make sure that anyone using it uses it properly. Problem solved. It gets used almost every day, connected/disconnected several times a day by many different people over the years.
    I also have a MagSafe 2 equipped 13" Retina. I have never noticed a propensity to disconnect unexpectedly. If I'm putting force on it, I expect it to disconnect - adjust workflow/workspace appropriately.
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    I've never actually had the issue of a "loose" connector, even with my MagSafe 2 adapter. I guess I'd rather have my adapter fall out when I bump the cable rather than potentially have my laptop crash on the ground.

    Gotta say though, I loved the "infomercial" feel to the KickStarter movie though :p
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    Looks like he missed the point of MagSafe. It's supposed to disconnect!!

    With this 'snuglet' fitted, your MacBook will be ripped off your table when you trip over a cable.

    Also, when using your macbook on your lap, you don't rest the MagSafe on your leg, you rest the laptop on your leg, so that video is complete rubbish.
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    The first portion of this video, where all those sad Magsafe connectors are coming loose at the slightest hint of movement, just reminds me of the WaxVac commercial where the guy so innocently cleaning his ears and suddenly...OW! IT'S A DEATH TRAP!

    All I'm saying is, this has never been a major problem for me and, like inadvertantly and severly puncturing my eardrum with a Q-tip, I was not aware that this was that big of an issue.
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    Aww that is too bad. I love the L shaped Mag connector on my 2011 MBP.

    I think the T looks hideous.
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    First World Problems!!! :rolleyes:
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    Then you can use the Magsafe 2 adaptor with the L-shaped chargers!

    Also, this product is dangerous. It has the possibility of getting stuck in the power port and causing havoc, not to mention a choking hazard. Also has the possibility of generating sparks upon disconnecting.
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    I've owned three t-shaped connectors, and one L-shaped one. The only one that had a problem with cable strain was the L-shaped one. It was also harder to get attached. The old t-shaped ones were the best. The L-shaped ones never worked well for me as the cable goes back instead of off the the left. When it goes back at 90deg from the port it is very easy to come loose or bend in an odd direction.
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    Lol. Did you get all that from the video?

    I wouldn't call the product getting stuck in the port "causing havoc"' especially when they supply a tool to remove it.
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    I have an L connector on my 2011 MBP...and I really like that it goes back instead of sideways.

    The thingy advertised looks to me like it makes too tight a connection, defeating the purpose of the breakaway MagSafe.
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    Getting stuck in the power port can be a problem, but I'm not sure exactly what would cause sparks here. The outer shell doesn't carry any current, so it isn't going to be an electrical spark.

    That said, they are plating it in gold, which I think is a worthless idea since they already went with stainless steel and aluminum... and again there's no current in the shell this comes in contact with for the gold to "help" conduct. They are better off just manufacturing it exactly like the prototypes.
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    What's funny is in all my years using MacBooks, I've never been in a situation where I could say "thank goodness MagSafe saved my Mac".

    I like it more for the ability to easily attach to my Mac for charging. I find the detachability to be an annoyance.
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    I've seen folks where it has. And I have killed one Mac because of the power adapter. It was an old Lombard G3 Powerbook.

    When these things have internal batteries, I'd gladly trade the annoyance of having to replug so I don't have to deal with the frustration of a damaged laptop.
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    Please share your Third World Problems with us. :rolleyes:
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    Do you really want to carry around a tool with you at all times to remove this darned thing?
    How about permanent damage? What if it's too tight and it carves away at the laptop's power jack?

    It would be between the Magsafe 2 connector and the Snuglet. Not an electrical spark but rather like a flint. More metallic parts means more friction means a higher chance of sparks.
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    Since I define the word "klutz", I have kicked the MagSafe connector out on 3 or 4 occasions, and was very happy that it just broke away as it should. I could easily have damaged the cable connector or worse, damaged the power connector in the computer.

    ...built for the clumsy ....:D
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    Aluminum, Stainless Steel and even Gold will not produce a spark risk if machined correctly. Consider that we've been using similar materials for ports like this that do come in contact every time you plug/unplug. Your headphones, USB cables, and so on.

    This is a solved problem.
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    I work with magnets. Once the coating wears off or chips off, the raw material (often neodymium in my case) can easily spark. Same here; if the gold plating wears away, whatever is underneath can spark easily, no matter how well-machined it is.
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    Actually, no I've never had that happen. MagSafe has IMO just the right amount of "grab vs give".

    I'm sorry, but it seems like most of these Apple-related kick starter projects are solutions in search of problems.

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