so about the ipods, nano, classic, and ESPECIALLY touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by bluedoggiant, Sep 8, 2007.

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    why didnt them ipods come with radios???? such a classic thing to come with a music player, nano and classic are excused, but sumthing like the touch?... im ashamed at apple, getting the ipod classic 80GB silver
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    Apple gets the extra $50 for selling the external radio, plus the new iPods are already packed to the brim with stuff. I would sacrifice a radio for the features and space.
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    Why get an iPod to listen to radio? Thats what i get a 10 dollar crappy radio for.

    I get an iPod for my iTunes. Radio is for the car
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    because imo the iPod is about personalising your music collection, there is nothing personal about a public radio sation, with iPod you choose your music when and what you listen to.
    Ok radio is good to get news, but what about TV which everyone now has....
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    I'd like radio built in. Would be great for the small-capacity Nano because 8GB isn't enough for many people to cover enough music for enough moods...
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    its a machine that picks up signals from a station, can be music, or news, even weather, its in ur car... if u have one, are you seriously telling me you dont know what a radio is?
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    I'm sure it was a joke ...are you seriously telling me you didn't get it?

    ;) :p
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    thats wat i first thot, but then i didnt want to be mean or anything, so i just explained it :)

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