So after months of consideration, I bought a 20" aluminium iMac...

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Ivan P, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Ivan P

    ...only the basic model, but I absolutely love it! After using it for only a few hours there is no way I'm going back to a PC; Mac has everything I have ever wanted.

    Definitely a worthwhile purchase :)
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    Congrats and welcome to the Mac world..! There is no turning back, I assure you ;)
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    I've also got the entry level model (although I bought it when it first came out so it's only 2.0 Ghz) and I absolutely love mine as well. To those who complain about the screen quality, you need to give your head a shake.
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    It's almost like a drug. It should come with a warning label "Apple products can be habit forming. Laboratory tests have found repeated usage causes Fanboy syndrome in mice."
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    The funny thing is that some people don't understand why Apple fanboyism exists in the first's simple: we have the best machines, the best design, the best construction quality, the best customer service and the best OS; it's a natural consequence to become a fanboy...and PC users are finally realizing that as well... :rolleyes:
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    Well, Ivan my boy, I'm sure you've entered a fanboy heart or two hereabouts. I'd love to adopt you myself but I already have a brood. If you get any offers fom these gehrbox or BRLawyer guys I suggest you stay away. Far away. They sound dangerous.
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    All Mac newbies are belong to us!!! :D:D:D
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    Welcome! I have the basic model as well. Works great even for Hi-Definition video editing.

    Be careful though. Apple products tend to multiply very quickly in your household. :)
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    One Of Us!
    One Of Us!
    One Of Us!

    ...oh, pardon me. :D

    Entry-level iMac owner here (same 20" 2.0GHz as ClassicBean's), and I still feel the same way about my Mac as you apparently feel right now.

    So... is this your first Apple product, or did you have another Apple product that led you to consider a Mac (the fabled "halo effect")? Count me in the "halo effect" camp; my iPod nano's elegance led me to give serious consideration to the Mac lineup.

    EDIT: I see the iPod touch in your signature. Halo effect it is, then.
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    What's equally remarkable is that the fanboy'ism doesn't wear off! It actually get's worse with time...
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    Just don't become TOO addicted to your Mac.
    It definitely is possible. me. [and the rest of us, hah.]
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    :apple: JOIN US :apple: IT'S MUCH EASIER IF YOU DON'T RESIST :apple:

    I'm an entry-level iMac switcher too- pre-update from the end of March. This weekend was my nephew's tenth birthday and I've been knocking up videos in iMovie- I freaking love this machine.

    I always laughed at the "multiplying Mac's" syndrome but it's true! I'm already eyeing up either an Apple TV or a Mac Mini to replace my HTPC and thinking which iPod to buy next (had a 5G for about 3 or 4 years now).

    Enjoy your iMac- hope you get as much fun out of it as I am with mine.
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    haha yup, same one here too (2.0) but in order to increase my mac-ego i upped the ram to 4gb. Congrats on the new imac
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    You know I honestly thought before I bought my iMac that I would find all the hype about macs an overstatement. I mean I've read all the negative stuff about vista on this site and to be honest as someone who at that time was using vista I thought that people were being over critical. So I thought that people were probably being over complementary about OSX. While I still think that the criticism of vista is overstated, OSX is truly everything that everyone was saying it is. Too be honest after a few weeks of using OSX I can honestly say I would never go back.
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    I got sick of waiting for a mini refresh & brought home an iMac today too - basic model. I plan on a 4GB update soon.

    I plugged in a 22" Samsung 1680x1050 LCD before my first boot & it spread the desktop to it right away. I just got done installing all the system updates. Xcode is next. Looks great so far.
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    Totally agree. I think Vista is good but OSX is better. The thing I really like the most is the speed. Everything is zippy. Web pages in Safari come up almost before I click the mouse. :)
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    I'm about to buy it but at the store they told me to get the one with 2GB, I don't know if is worth the money cause it looks I will do fine with the 1GB I basically use the internet, upload pictures and listen to musice (i-tunes), thanks for your quote, is good to know that the low end worked for someone cause it looks that is my best option.
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    Ivan P

    I use mine basically for the internet, iTunes, Mail, Windows Messenger and Pages...1GB of memory and it's still amazingly fast.
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    Buy the 1GB version, if you need more you can get a 2GB stick for $20, like I did. Installing is unscrewing a panel, clicking it in, and screwing the panel back in. :D
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    Indeed. The screen quality is top notch.
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    Don't buy the 2 GB version. Upgrading yourself is much cheaper.
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    I'm baaack! My last post was Feb 9 when I wrote I was going to buy an iMac. Well, when I heard Apple was going to update their iMac line I waited... and waited.... and waited... until May when it finally happened! I bought a 20" iMac (2.66ghz Intel CPU, 2gb RAM, 320gb hard drive) and I couldn't be happier. I've also installed Windows XP with Boot Camp and it's up and running. My only gripe is when I use the "sleep" option it doesn't stay asleep. Any hints? BTW, this is my first Mac and Apple computer. :)

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