So how is the ipad on the road?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Hemoo, May 4, 2010.

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    Good day all,

    I’m a commuter, I have one hour trip everyday from home to work and vice versa by the bus. I’m so tempting to buy the ipad for web surfing, watching tv shows & movies, emails & reading comics during my ride. Did you use it for commutting? Is it good idea or not? Of course I’ll use it in my living room & during breaks too but the bus is my main reason.
    I also have iphone 3Gs but I think the bigger screen will make it more enjoyable :D
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    I answered an email while waiting in an insanely long line at Sonic yesterday.

    that rocked! LOL!!

    I don't have data on a phone, so being able to do that made my day. Yesterday was my first day out in the wild - and i got a TON done at the library during my kids art class... which happens to be in the part of the building the wifi doesn't reach.

    Then, at speech therapy - again without wifi - i was able to share 2 web pages with moms for them to research something their kids have.

    Really, i'm going to LOVE this thing!

    As to watching tv on it - my daughter watched the last 10 minutes of a Bones episode on Netflix on our way out to a meeting at 6:30am, and was jealous she only has the wifi version :D

    If i spent 2 hours a day commuting and had the need for the bigger screen - i'd go for it!
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    iPad on the road? Mine gets nasty asphalt scratches on it when I do that. :D

    From a different perspective, I find my tablet kind of ostentatious when I pull it out on the subway. It also seems to attract more thieving eyes.
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    Thaaaanks! this really helped,,, glad to hear you enjoying it outside :D

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL,, sorry I forget to mention, it’s the company bus no thieves are allowed (hopefully :rolleyes:)
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    Well, as long as you're not the driver then you should be OK :p

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