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So how is windows phone doing?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by tymaster50, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I see they make ads digging at apple and samsung but I've never really seen anyone with their phones. So what are their sales like compared to iOS and Android?
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    when I asked the question I was looking for personal experience, like maybe you knew someone that liked windows phone, and would recommend it
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    I have a Lumia 900 and an iphone 4. Im currently switching between them to see how each works. Ill try and answer any questions you have.
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    I've got a windows phone and I enjoy it. I'm looking forward to getting a Windows 8 phone with the improved hardware.
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    Here we go:

    I did setup a Lumia 800 for somebody - and loved it. The design is refreshingly different. I could find all required apps (whatsapp, facebook and a few more). Bing Translate is one cool app!

    Also love that a real good car navi is included (Nokia Drive, plus free maps for 110+ countries).

    In the meantime I flashed my old HTC HD2 (the phone that never dies?) to WP7.8 and use it without SIM just as car navi.

    Two slightly sour points:

    • WP7 has no screenshot function
    • Nokia Drive does not allow to save/store locations (or I overlooked it)
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    Keep in mind widows has a new software update that they are announcing this month. It should bring some good improvements. And really great hardware will be coming too. There will be a lot more info for you at the end of this month.
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    Even now WP7.5 is really good. The WP7.8 on my HTC HD2 is almost the same. Other then the 4 tiles in a line I can't see any difference. Will see what WP8 brings.

    One worry I have about WP8 is that the phones will be expensive.
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    I believe WP8 solves this problem, although I'm not sure about the 7.8 update for legacy devices.
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    I know two people who picked up Windows 7 Phones. One is a tech geek and has an iPhone 4s, a Galaxy Nexus and the Lumia 800. He says his sim spends most of the time in his Lumia 800 and he loves it.

    That said I know a girl who is a complete idiot and went from a Large Screen Android device to the Lumia 800 and did not like it, mainly because she found it hard to adapt to the change of OS and at the time the App offering was really bad. She returned it and went back to Android.

    I've been on Android devices lately and tested out one at the local Microsoft store. Its slick, the UI is smooth and very attractive and is very responsive. I was bummed about the lack of first party apps for the services I use but I found plenty of third party apps. My only concern with it really is the App store. If I was on a GSM provider I would probably own a Lumia 800 right now and do the Sim card dance between my Galaxy S3 and a Lumia.

    It seems your average person doesn't really know about it, it honestly is not marketed that much to people who do not surf the net as much as we probably do here. Hopefully Microsoft will step it up after Windows 8 Launches because it would be nice to have a third competitor in the market.
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    The one worry I have about it is if the live tiles are enough. I mean they are kind of limiting compared to what you can do on android. But do I really need to do all of that customization on android??
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    Missing screen shot function ain't really a dealbreaker.

    Have to add, the HTC HD2 was originally a WP6.5 phone, but many people in the rooting scene like that phone coz it's so adaptable. I flashed to a nicer WP6.5 , then I added Android (dual boot) . And now I flashed it to WP7.8 - almost thinking of making it my main phone now.....

    If you have a old HTC HD2 and like to try WP7.8 - here is how:


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