So I installed Starcraft 2 on my 11" Ultimate....

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JPizzzle, Feb 21, 2011.

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    ...and it runs real well!!! I started off with the setting set the the recommended medium, but eventually switched to high with native resolution. I am only in the first few levels of the campaign, but have to say that it's running nicely. I'm not sure how it will do in a 200v200 troop situation, but I guess i'll find out as I go. I would have been happy to see it run on medium, so the high is a bonus. Glad to see it can hold it's own. :rolleyes:
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    That is interesting feedback for running StarCraft II on an 11" Ultimate. I think I'll try the same on mine tonight.
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    Some people believe SSD helps with loading of files so the MBA works better then expected.
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    I have to agree - I fully expected to give up some apparent power when I moved from my 13" MBP to the Air, but so far it feels equal or even slightly faster.
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    Starcraft 2 will run on any MBA with medium settings. With high settings, I am not sure.
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    So far so good on high, will report if it holds up as the game progresses :)
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    Same thing for me. I bought StarCraft 2 a few days ago and love the game. I didn't change any setting just installed and started to play. This is my first computer game so Im not all familiar with computer settings.
    But no lad what so ever so far...:)
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    Are you guys running Starcraft Under OS X or Windows?
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    Im also interested to know this.
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    Osx here-also, I switched back to medium setting for the smoother game play
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    Unsurprising. The SSD definitely helps a lot.

    According to Macworld benchmarks the MBA even outperforms the current 13" MBP by 20%, despite having a slower processor (CoD4 runs at 33 fps on the 13" MBP and 40 fps on the MBA). For those who want a portable machine that can handle decent gaming, the MBA is a good bet due to its SSD and good GPU, while being ultraportable.
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    Another reason to love the MBA:D
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    If anyone wants to go 1 v 1 with me on the MBA's-friend request me. Screen name: JPizzzle. MBA SC2 battle!!!! :D
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    Have you already had such a situation? :)
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    I too have the MBA Ultimate 11". I gave Starcraft 2 a spin, and it worked well, but the fan was running for a while.

    How long is it safe to run the fan while playing a game like this? Obviously the fan is there to be used, but I'm concerned about it keeping the heat down for an extended period of time. Even with the fan running, I'm concerned that the MBA will get hotter, but the fan can only do so much. I'd hate to fry my computer playing a game!

    So how long can the 11" MBA run a game like this without moving into dangerous territory of getting too hot? I also played Portal for a bit, but I am just too nervous to have the fan running too long. :confused:
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    The CPU will throttle/shut down before you damage it. I've played WoW/SC2 for numerous hours in a row with no issue.
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    when the cpu hits a high enough temperature it shuts down one of the cores to attempt to cool itself, this is know as "core shutdown" if this fails to bring the temp of the cpu down to a reasonable value than the cpu will totally shut down to protect itself from damage
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    I'm not much of a computer gamer but in this situation does the 1.6 compared to the 1.4ghz make that much of a difference? I ordered the 1.4ghz and don't want the feeling like I'm missing out on something huge.
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    I installed coolbook and my fans hardley ever spin up now

    ultimate 11" runs cooler in general now (well worth the couple of quid) and battery life is longer as well :)
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    Could you tell me if your gaming experience stayed the same after 10.6.7 update? Do you get same FPS in Starcraft and other games?
    Thank you!
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    Exactly the same FPS in WoW, don't have SC2 installed to check it.
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    same for starcraft..played it all day in line for my ipad 2 yesterday
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    Sorry, if it's not too troublesome, how does Starcraft run on 800v800 battles? Everything lowest, native res.

    Thanks a bunch. If it can hit over 45fps, I'm so getting a MBA.

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