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So I Ordered the new...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Digitalflick, Aug 19, 2002.

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    Duel 1 Ghz last tuesday - Apple Sales Rep said 1-3 days shipping. Just got a notice today .. will ship in 15 business days - unexpected supply delay. Just wondering if anyones received theirs yet. :mad: Am I the only one who cant sit still waiting for my new mac?:confused:
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    You're not the only one--we're all like that.

    Maybe they had to go get some new Moto-mice to spin that little exercise wheel. :D I'm sure it'll be fast because my dual 800 is.
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    maybe there is a high demand for it as well...wouldnt that be nice.
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    maybe the processor took some unexpected time to be tuned to the new 167 MHz system bus. i mean, things may take a short time in testing, but on a mass production scale, it might take some more time. Just wait it out, ur PM will come and you can tell us all about it.
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    mine will probably be at my place on friday or monday, 867 that is.
    i ordered from maczone.
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    tell us how it is when u get it.
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    Re: So I Ordered the new...

    I ordered (paid for!) a dual 1GH PM last Friday. The dealer is now saying that "Apple have informed them that there has been a problem with this configuration of machine and none have left their factory yet". (UK, so no comment implied about US production).

    Still no ETA or further details. When Apple updated their UK Store site, it clearly stated (and still does) "Shipping now!" - which seems a gross exageration with hindsight :mad:

    Ah well, my first foray into buying Apple. I'm still looking forward to getting it though. Oh, to have a reliable and nice OS.
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    mine is delayed as well.

    dual 1ghz.

    mine actually said 7-10 days. i ordered last tuesday as well.

    i was wondering, did you customize your mac at all. i put dual cd drives, and the geforce4 ti card in as well as more RAM. they than said it would take 2-3 weeks, when i later put the same configuration through the apple store.

    yesterday an apple rep i spoke to on the phone said mine would most likely be shipped this week. but it think he was lying.
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    what do u want him to say?

    "uhhh, i think we forgot your order and we're gunna build it soon. Expect it in the next month or two."
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    uhhh, if that's the truth then say it. uhhh, quite simple. uhhh...
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    Nothing special - extra 1HDD through the dealer. I'm going to add more memory at some stage, but was a plain "Faster" configuration.

    Maybe these shiny SuperDrive doors are blinding all the assembly people?
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    Just got off the phone with an apple rep said it will ship tomorrow and Ill get it on Monday!! can you say WHIIPPPEEE!!:p :p
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    Until I get my machine, no, I can't really say "Whippeee" (let alone"yippeee"!). I want my PowerMac (to the tune of "Money for Nothing").

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