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So I was at a late-night beach BBQ, and....

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Abstract, Mar 4, 2006.

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    .....the sun happened to be a nice pink when we first got there that evening. Sad thing is that I didn't bring my D50 that night. :mad: I'm always afraid of bringing my dSLR into situations where the thing may get completely ruined (sand + water + Abstract + Abstract's friends = accident waiting to happen). Anyway, I had my trust "party" camera in my pocket.....a Canon IXUS 40 (SD300) with me, but it really was a perfect night to use the D50.

    Anyway, here are some photos. My shots really end up much noisier using that camera. Ignore the noise, vignetting, etc. I'm just happy to have gotten the photos. :eek:

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    Are you southern hemisphere? Because if you went to the beach for the evening in the UK right now you'd freeze to death...:eek:
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    Nice photos. Sunsets are always a good photo op.

    Slightly off topic. How do you get the camera to take night/landscape shots? I have the next model up (SD400) and have had trouble especially with night landscapes in that it wants to flash or if I turn off the flash it doesn't expose long enough.
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    He's in the same place I am. Do you even have beaches in England? With sand I mean, not pebbles. I saw three or four people sunning themselves on the pebbles near the rock pools here last year at the start of summer and thought "why are they on the rocks and not on the perfectly good beach? They must be Poms." And sure enough, they were, thick pommy accents as I walked by.

    I had a little chuckle to myself....
    The hook is set, how many fish today??

    Anyhoo, here's some of mine from the same beach but in the morning....
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    Nice pictures chundles.

    And in response to the question you asked, yeh, there are quite a few beaches that are sand and not pebbles :rolleyes:
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    that's a great beach

    what's the weather like this month, daily highs and lows? would one have to wear a wetsuit to surf there?
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    Tops out at the moment around 25°C - 30°C, water temp around 20°C. Wetsuit certainly not needed but most people I know use them anyway, just short ones for keeping a little warmer and for chafe prevention.

    Oh, and ashapalan - have a good look at my post. 1 little fishy.
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    I'm quite sure that's a different beach. :p Don't know where you live, but it looks like Wollongong Beach in your photo. Meh, that's only like 15 minutes. Why do the clouds in your photos look so fake?

    You can surf without a wetsuit here if you want to, but soon people will be getting their wetsuits out.

    Anyway, I'm aiming to take more photos at sundown now. For some reason the sky ends up pink in the evenings now, which didn't happen before.

    Go into MANUAL mode, turn off your flash, go into the exposure settings menu where it says:


    Instead of playing with that, hit the MENU button. You'll be in a part of the menu that allows you to choose exposure time for up to 30 seconds. The quotation (") symbol indicates seconds, in case you didn't know. I believe the shortest exposure time you can set in that menu is 1 second. You can't use exposure compensation AND the exposure time setting at once. It's one or the other. Of course, the exposure time setting is the only one that'll give you decent shots at night of landscapes.
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    LMAO! How rude :p I assume you were being sarcastic but yes we have some great beaches, with sand, tyvm :p
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    Autumn, the sun is coming in at a different angle - shows off the clouds much better in the evening.

    My clouds are certainly not fake - my camera might be crap but that's exactly what it looked like down there. Which beach is that then? Looks all the world like the lagoon at the top of North Gong beach.
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    Ha ha!! You quoted me and you still missed it.

    Two little fishies.
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    But all I've got is the beach about two minutes from my door....
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    I'm not sure miniConvert is fimiliar with InvisioText™ yet. ;) :p

    Chundles, Abstract - Great pics. :)

    I have taken my full camera kit to many hazadous places, including canoeing and sandy beaches. With a few simple rules, you should be fine:

    1. Get a good bag for it.
    2. Don't get drunk (this can be tricky)
    3. Tell your friends you'll kill them if they damage it. Tell them it costs 5x what it really does.
    4. Know where it is at all times; don't loose sight of it.
    5. Keep it clear of drunk friend.

    I often store my in a bag in a water-tight "barrel". You can get those in most outdoor places. A Pelican case is also good. Once in one of these, it can fall in water, be vomited upon, withstand thunderstorms and probably earthquakes. :D
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    My camera is crap. It protects itself.
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    Can somebody please ban this obnoxious aussie? :mad:

    :p :p :p :p
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    Awww, diddums....
    They do good brekkies here....
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    I can't wait for summer around here.. I live in a coastal city and it has the biggest shoreline in the state. Not quite an Australian beach, but it's nice enough. The city does a lot to keep it nice, too. No surfing here though :p it's only the Long Island sound, and no one in their right mind goes in the water
  20. EGT
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    Those would make nice desktop backgrounds. Lovely. :)
  21. big
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    Those are nice, reminded me of my trip last month:

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    What's a Pom?

    Nice pictures too....:)
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    Lovely pictures Abstract and Chundles

    I so wish I was at a beach (or anywhere else) right now instead of at Uni. Especially when I just got back from 3 night trip in Chicago.

    Should I post some pics? What the heck, why not.
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    Wow...that is nearly identical to how beaches (of the great lakes) in Michigan look.

    I love sandy dunes and weeds, tall hills, and cold water :D

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