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so if theres no Announcement of ATV3 in september ...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Che Castro, Aug 18, 2011.

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    we will have to wait till next year or beyond for a new hardware update?

    has apple ever held any media events after September like in the past
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    they did a back to the mac in october.

    i personally hope the new apple tv and the 2nd gen drop the pc like iOS 5. so we can stream networked hard drives without iTunes. apple seemed to be all about pc free in iOS 5 and apple tv runs a variation on it.

    but anyway i think if there is no announcement this fall then something might be geared toward that actual apple tv in early 2012. i believe however every apple tv has been debuted at the iPod event. i expect really only the addition of the A5 and maybe a ram and internal storage boost. this will allow full 1080p content streaming.
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    I can't wait for full 1080p. :)
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    They don't need a new ATV for this...just a firmware patch. The ATV2 can already downcode (?) 1080 movies to 720. As I've just finished replacing all my ATV1s to 2s, I really am hoping for a firmware solution for 1080, not a unit replacement solution.
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    I think if we keep hearing about the Apple Televisions that the only revisions we'll see will be firmware until they drop it period. The Apple Television is the next logical progression: Built in ATV2, able to net connect, bypass itunes, stream rental, pick up Nas and stream as well.

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    That'd work for except for the fact I don 't like the idea of being tied to a specific TV. Samsung at the moment, sharp in another room, panasonic in another, LG elsewhere. I'd rather the black box.

    Perfectly honest...a TV standard for slotting in adaptors like the old PCs...standard slot, slip in the ATV, whole new interface. Want googletv...slip it in, another interface. The TV supplies the network, power, etc, the slot allows you to choose who's style you go for.

    Let the TV manufactures devise a universal standard slot, let the content distributors (Apple Google etc etc) build to it. And actually, this would fit right in with S.Jobs statement about having to take the TV back to basics to get it right this time. Fully flexible. Hell, even the memory needed could be built into the TV itself.
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    Unless apple will offer a 60" 1080p tv for $800 im not interested

    I really hope theres s new atv3 this year
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    Thats good enough for me, 1080p & the A5 chip

    Its a shame letting my big screen tv go to waste with just 720p apple tv
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    Do you reencode, select the :apple:TV2 setting in Handbrake, then just change the resolution to 1920x1080 at 5000kbps?
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    My only question is, how are you going to stream full 1080p video, because in order for the picture quality to look very good the bit rates are going to be in the 20-30Mb range. This bit rate is too high to stream over my network anyway, as the video skips etc. So I really don't know how this would work at great quality for the average user, but if someone can explain to me how to stream bit rates this high over your network efficiently please do.
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    thats a good point. especially if the firmware allows for 1080p. that will keep everyone satisfied because there is not much more you could add.

    i was hoping a firmware upgrade for 1080p but yes the new A5 with 1080p would be great.
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    I dont believe a firmware update can make the current apple tv run full 1080p

    Im talking about 20gb mkv movies

    It has the same power as the iPhone 4

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