So, it doesn't seem like the iPad comes with the dock. What accessories are u getting

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by melman101, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Well, I noticed that on the Tech Specs site on, there is no dock in the box.

    I think I may get one of these, but not sure how useful it will be.

    I am definitely getting the Apple case. Thinking about getting the iPad camera connection kit, just cause people might be able to use that USB port for other stuff. Still indecisive about that.

    How about you?
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    If I don't change my mind on this thing and sell my 15" mbp for a 13".

    I will get the apple case, camera and sd connection kit. Thats it.

    Any more accessories than that is just too much crap to tote and defeats the purpose.
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    Right now:

    The Apple case, the dock, a BT keyboard and some sort of bag.
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    Dock, case and camera connectors as soon as they're orderable.
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    Chupa Chupa

    As of now I'll pick up an inexpensive netbook sleeve. I want to test out the virtual keyboard before I even think about buying a b/t keyboard. I doubt I'll be buying any specific iPad accessories though. They are overpriced and single purpose. No thanks. That kinda "kills the deal," if you know what I'm saying. I also don't expect to be doing copious amounts of typing on the iPad. Maybe some quick emails or a short memo.
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    Dock and camera/usb connector. I already have a Apple BT keyboard and a case that will fit it. If I find a thinner slipcase, I may get it. The one I have was for a 10" Asus netbook. But it's mighty thick. I want one that does not have a zipper.
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    I'm hoping for a really sweet Vaja case to come out soon. I'm hoping to keep the tote bag very slim for the iPad so as to not defeat the purpose of going thin and light for my daily needs as a field sales rep.
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    Just the case and the dock for me. The case will depend on if a better one from a 3rd party comes out by then.
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    Camera kit so I can download photos from my SLR when on a trip. Other than that nothing.

    Perhaps a mount for my car once they come out with one.
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    You might need the case. Have you seen the reports about iPad back being not flat which makes for very "unusual" experience when you try to type on this thing when it lies on a table?
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    I'm getting:

    1) the keyboard dock (or regular dock + separate BT keyboard: want to examine each and feel them out for portability)

    2) the Tom Bihn Ristretto for iPad bag

    3) a stick-on scratch protector for the back (not for the screen - I'm a naked screen guy)
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    I don't forsee writing 15 page proposals to customers on this thing, but rather answering the occasional email, running the occasional commend via a SSH terminal app or VNC, and reading websites. But thats just me. For those who need to write more, I'm sure some innovative case/keyboard combos will be offered by 3rd parties.
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    Already have a bluetooth keyboard, getting the case and screen protector. I'll first try to see if any of the bags I already own is a good fit for carrying the iPad, if none of them works out, I'll get a bag.
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    I will be very interested in purchasing:

    - Apple iPad Case
    - iPad Dock
    - Spare iPad power cable
    - iPad Keybaord Dock
    - iPad VGA Connection kit

    if they all seem to be good. Day one? Probably nix the spare cable and VGA kit, just to see how I like it. I know I'll be trying to switch to it for a lot of things.
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    I plan to get:

    • iPad Camera Connection Kit
    • iPad Case
    • iPad Keyboard Dock
    • A nice bag (I like the Tom Bihn Ristretto)
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    Hmmmm.... I have the new iMac Bluetooth keyboard. So does it work perfectly with the iPad? Because if you watch this video they say that there are new buttons on the top of the keyboard that have a screen lock button, home button, etc.
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    Plain manila envelope (like the one that comes with the Air):

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    While those extra buttons would certainly be useful, the bluetooth keyboard is much more portable, seeing how it has no dock to give it extra (and awkwardly shaped) height and width. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure how frequently I'd use the bluetooth keyboard; if I'm writing War and Peace, I'd do it on my iMac! I might end up leaving the bluetooth keyboard at home and just using the onscreen one. However, the option to use it is there since the keyboard came with my iMac, so I'll try both bluetooth and onscreen and see how it goes.
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    Just an OtterBox so the whole family can uninhibitedly pass it around the house.
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    When i get one i may get the standard dock, it might work with the iPhone....
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    (1) Case definitely
    (2) Dock - hopefully it can also fit the iPhone or the iPad+Case. I would hate to have to keep taking it in and out of the case, so then I would just use a cable.

    I have no real need for the keyboard dock. I am not going to carry it around, and I am at home I can use my computers at that point should I need to type that much.
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    eh i want the dock+keyboard but its 80 bucks :(
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    Official Apple Case.
    Dock, if I can put the iPad in it with the case on.

    That's it for me, I already have the wireless bluetooth keyboard, which I don't see I'd be using that much anyway.
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    sync cord extension

    The iPad won't fit in any existing iPod dock (i.e. speakers, stereos, cars, etc), so I think a sync cord extension will be a popular accessory.
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    I'll get the case, maybe a keyboard after I've tried the virtual keyboard. Haven't decided if I want a BT keyboard or the keyboard dock.

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