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so, metal cases in reception

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by white4s, Mar 13, 2012.

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    is there any metal/aluminum case that does not affect recepton?! I have the glide and after 2 months i have to take it off, love the look and feel but due to the continuous random loss of reception i have lost about 90 minutes of battery life. i'm trying to stick to the natural metal feel of the phone so bumpers and plastic cases are out of the question. thanks for any help

    i've read something about ghost armor or something helping reception?
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    I have yet to see a metal case that doesn't affect signal transmission or reception in some way.
    Wish that wasn't the case.
    Using your phone where a strong signal is present helps.
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    I purchased an aluminum bumper style case that didn't actually touch the antenna band and it didn't seem to affect signal strength to much but there was a slight drop despite the design.
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    which one did you buy
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    Just got my case. My signal sucks where I live and I don't see an improvement and I don't see it any worse. But hot damn my case looks hot! I'll let you all know how my case fares when i'm in an area with better signal.
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    I used to use the Element Case Vapor Pro and I only had signal loss for a split second other then that it was fine
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    what case?


    just looked at that, $150 case!? ill pass lol
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    giving any sort of real testing I have read I say my answer is no..
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    I have had a few metal ones. They affected signal. I now have an Element Vapor Pro and have exact same reception I had using and Otterbox.
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    No offense, I used my First Generation iPhone along with my Sena Ultraslim for almost 5 years. However, Leather pouch didn't protect with it off the case.

    I changed to iPhone 4 White last year. I really liked almost-naked case to show how beautiful iPhone 4 White is. I decided to go with Snap-on Case, two of Clear Power Support Air Jacket Case, Incase Snap on (Clear), and Incipio Feature Clear. PowerSupport and Incipio have the same problem, its durable last only a few month for my use. Incase Snap on that I got is kinda knock off, fitting is the problem.

    I am tired and sick of changing plastic case for almost everything 2 months, I do research for better alternative. At first, I looked for rubber bumper style case. Yes, It have cheap alternative starting at $ 1.- to $30.- but most of them will end up loose up or discolor (I like my phone to be "White").

    Finally, I ended up buy Element Vapor Pro White edition from Element Case website. It is very nice case with small barely notice signal degrade. But it looks beautiful. However, the shape of case causes problem for my iHome Speaker. I fixed it with Radtech dock extender.

    However, I started reading in this forum. I found Xtrucase without any screw to attached. I ordered white pearl since it cost half of vapor pro. I try for two days and yes, signal degrade is not so good due to many factors. One of them is inside pad of the case that I contact Xtrucase and they are kindly enough to set 2 sets of new pads.

    The button line is all the choice depends on individual. Some like more protective case, Some like to show off iPhone, Some like belt-clip style. And yes, some cases create headache to one user and like god send to another user. For me, my choice is Aluminum case from durable and looking good (for me) point of view.

    PS. In theory, Metal cage can cause signal degrade. However, there are many factors on "signal strength" such as Position, In-phase and Out-of-phase from Multi-path fading, Shadowing from large structure and so on that can improve signal strength. Also, Metal case connected with antenna can act as antenna, it can "help" or "destroy" signal strength with proper length.
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    I used to use this case on my iPhone 4 and didn't seem to affect signal as bad as it does on 4S. Hence me reason to switch to Vapor Pro which I see much improved signal over my previous Karas Case on 4S

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    They all degrade

    It's pretty simple they all degrade and we all know it, it's really a matter of acceptable or unacceptable degrading or not and how much signal you have in your area.

    Case with in the range of -11db is considered good anything more then that is unacceptable. This is the basics i suppose. Aluminum cases are dope! :D
  14. white4s, Mar 20, 2012
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    thanks for the link


    yea it sucks cause i have the glide and i love the way it looks but after 2 months i had to take it off. just not consistent with the reception in certain areas. and i have verizon and live in northeast nj so 4-5 bars is normal
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    I completely agree with you, Allapon!

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