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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ki2594, May 20, 2008.

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    MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER! If you remember i posted a thread maybe a week ago asking what you guys use to clean your books. (its clean now but for the future). Many of you said the magic eraser is great so i went with it. How does everyone like it?
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    I use it occasionally. Its an abrasive so don't over do it.
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    yeah i know a few people were talking about that. Has any of the color eever worn off on anyone due to scrubing it too hard?
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    not for mine but all te majic eraser did for me was move the dirt around and not tkae it off
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    Actually, the MCME is more of an an ablative, not an abrasive. The eraser material wears away (rather quickly), taking gunk with it. I've cleaned some pretty fragile & delicate stuff with is with no ill effect. That being said, according to
    So don't clean the LCD screen with it! :p

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    whho would anyway

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