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so, my Klipsches just blew...

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by flat6, Nov 11, 2005.

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    They're Promedia GMX A-2.1's. 13 months old, so warranty just expired a few weeks ago...

    Anyway, this morning I went to plug them in, and... nothing. The little LED of the volume/bass control pod no longer turns on, either. Any ideas on what happened? There was no smoke/smell/anything.

    How does one tell if the fuse is blown? And where can one purchase a 2.5 A, 125 V fuse...

    Dammit, they were such gorgeous sounding speakers too.
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    Do you know where the fuse is? If so, just pull it out and look at it - trust me, you can see if it is blown. I have bought that size fuse before at Walmart. You could probably get one from an auto store as well. Take the old one with you to make sure you get the right size and shape.
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    I usually get my fuses at Auto-Zone. Just show them and they will find the exact one. Might want to get one a little higher although it shouldn't be necessary.

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    Radio Shack has tons of fuses. Tons!
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    <Clay has flashback to when he worked at Radio Shack and had to count all of the fuses, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other miscellaneous electrical components during the regular inventory... shudder>
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    Yeah, fuse is blown. Took it out, it's 2.5 A, 125 V. Went to a local electronics store, found the right physical size, but the closest thing they had was 2.0 A, 250 V and 4.0 A, 250 V. Any idea if these will do?

    [A crash course to fuses and their ratings and how they relate to protecting speakers would be nice, if anyone has a few minutes...]
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    Normally, it would be OK to use a LOWER amperage fuse, although it might tend to blow more frequently than you'd want. But the voltage difference is NOT OK... if anything, a lower voltage fuse MIGHT be OK, but higher is not. Use a fuse with too high an amperage or voltage value and you risk damage to your equipment.
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    Yeah, I figured going to a lower 2.0 A is OK. But good point about the voltage, that 250 V is trouble. Hmmm... I need to find a good electronics store around downtown Toronto, near Bloor & Spadina.
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    i have a set pair of promedia ultra 5.1s that I returned to best buy because after 2 months of use they wouldn't turn on anymore. Didn't even think about a fuse. O well, got a new set out of the deal.
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    Actually, I went down to a specialized audio store to get the right fuse, the repairs guy told me voltage doesn't matter, it's just amps. Sounds odd, doesn't it?
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    This model seems to have a habit of doing this. Mine at home did it and two pairs we have at the school I work at did this. Just keep some fuses on hand!
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    The amperage rating definitely MUST NOT be higher than that of the old fuse. So 2.0A is OK but it may blow soon, 4.0A is not OK because in this case it could be the rest of your equipment that is going to blow up...
    AFAIK, the voltage rating is just an upper limit for operating the fuse. 250V-rated fuses should be OK in a 125V-circuit, but NOT the other way around!
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    order online somewhere. might cost a bit more but you can order a few extra's. i find it odd you couldn't find any in toronto somewhere... being as big as it is.
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    Do they have Radio Shack (or something similar) up there? That's where I got mine. They're pretty common. I got the exact same kind that came out of the amp.
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    I have the GMXs, and I had a blown fuse.

    I went all over town looking for a fuse, and finally found the right one at Radioshack. Don't waste your time going other places, RadioShack will have it.

    And don't listen to anyone else, get the *exact* right one. You want to protect your babies, don't you?;)
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    Since fuses normally come with 2 or 3 in a package, I normally tape the package on the back of the equipment. That way when/if I next need a fuse it is right there and I don't waste time searching for the package in a parts drawer.

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