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so now, what would ultimate desktop be?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jefhatfield, Dec 5, 2002.

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    for me, see ultimate laptop

    i hate clutter;)

    but xserve isn't bad as long as i could stash it away somewhere
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    Do you mean, 'ultimate' as in whatever our imagination can dream up, or does this machine have to exist?
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    Ultimate Desktop...

    Since it hasn't been said yet... High Definition Display on every machine.


    Oh yea, almost forgot the most important thing: It would have an autographed picture of Steve Jobs with it, and a confirmation that one will be sent to benixau because he wants one too... :D he just doesn't want to admit it.
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    I've contemplated the Xserve as a workstation, but the noise (much more the a MDD) wouldn't work.

    Also, I would likely need more PCI slots than it has.

    I'm sticking with the MDD Dual 867 until 970s are ironed out.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Standard 3 monitor support, no extra card for the third monitor. 8 CPUs and all of them very fast, 3 GHz+. Terrabyte of data storage and a very fast bus. 4 Gig RAM capacity.

    Not much really :D

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    Well, just like my modular laptop, I think we need modular desktops. the PCI bus should be entirely modular. You order the number of PCI slots you want, and if you want more, buy a new module. You should be able to buy as many pairs of processors you want, and even a single processor for the low end. Start out with a dual 2ghz, and if you need more power, buy another 2 2ghz processors etc. The case would also be modular, so if you got the minimum configuration, it would basically be a cube, but with the ability to expand to a 8 processor super station.
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    17" imac, AO5 dvd-r drive, 52x24x52 cd-rw (all in the base mind you), AGP expansion, radeon 9700, 240 gig HD, t3 connection, 5.1 sound, some case mod somehow, 4 3GHz cpus by IBM or AMD, and some hack to make it double as a true PC for games, horrid as that may sound. All for $500

    So sue me. :D

    EDIT: and extended desktop capability
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    dual G5 1.5Ghz processors
    1x80GB hard drive, 2x120GB hard drives
    256mb DDR SDRAM video card with dual monitor support
    airport card with base station

    2x19" apple lcd studio display
    ez keyboard for FCP
    Sound sticks and iSub
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    In a way, this technology already exists:

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