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'So, seriously, are Apple and Sun viable partners, or is th...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 7, 2003.

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    Someone commented on this on another site

    Schwartz, the guy who made the comments, orginally founded Lighthouse Design, one of the (few) major producers of NeXTStep software. So it could be personal bias to some extent, and not representative of corporate interest.
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    The Snapple rumors live! All it takes is a few words of praise and they're partners. Problem is figuring out how to get them together is a lot harder than the rumors. I'd love to see Apple buy up Sun, but I don't think any company outside of Redmond has those kind of resources. Unfortuately, a joint hatred of Microsoft does not a partnership make.
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    long history

    Ad tictokfx suggests, there is a much longer history here between the personalities than this author seems to know. Those longterm NeXTies among us were constantly used to rumors (and realities) about interactions between NeXT and Sun. I think that it can be fairly said that at one point Sun got pretty close to NeXT, but in the end tried to screw them pretty hard (i.e., no more competition). I'm sure that there must be some bad blood between Jobs and McNeally (but that is probably true of Jobs and many folks).
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    Re: long history

    Or McNealy and many folks! All the rumors I've heard suggest he would give Jobs' ego a run for the money.
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    long history

    darn reset double post
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    There's always been a tie between the two companies. For instance, Sun employees can purchase Apple hardware at a 10% discount, and generally 50% of Apple software, although sometimes it's less. Recently (end of June?), Sun employees that require a new laptop (you better have a *real* good reason, these days) can now order a couple different Mac configs.

    However, I see the new G5 PM as some serious competition for Sun's desktop workstation line. Unless there's some apps that you need that don't run on Macs, I'd go with the G5 for most uses.

    Apple buying Sun is silly. Sun is twice the size, even with their recent revenue contractions, and they have nearly $5B is cash and securities. As Scott has said recently, you'd need about $25B to buy Sun. Apple, at $6B in annual revenue ain't gonna do it.

    On the other side, Sun has zero interest in buying Apple, IMO. Sun doesn't play in the consumer space, at all, and doesn't want to.
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    well, if apple wanted to get into the high end server business, i'm sure they could team up:)
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    Yeh, the high-end server business is right where you want to be these days, as Sun struggles to make a profit and keep revenues from eroding further.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    what was your take on this line:

    is this talking about the high-end server market? i was kind of puzzled... i guess the author is discounting the x-serve?
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    The X-Serve is a server.

    The Sun F15K is a high end server. It can contain up to 106 processors and up to 576GB of ram.

    In rough equivalence the X-Serve matches up to Suns V210 server (also 1 rack unit and dual procs, but can conatain 8GB of ram)
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    I took it to mean the inability of Apple to break into new markets or raise its market share. Apple can't get any respect no matter how "shiny" its OS.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    i didn't mean that the author should consider the x-serve as a high-end server. but i guess that is the market he was referring to. do you think apple has any interest in pursuing that market?

    but the scientific community is taking a bigger interest in apple now that it has embraced unix. not sure if they buy servers or power macs though.
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    Didn't mean to say the author's take on Apple was correct. I hope you're right and I do think Apple has products and a strategy that has a chance of making a breakthrough. It's just that most writers feel they have to take a cynical view towards Apple and it seem to me that was what this one was doing.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    Yeah you're right about that...I'll be idealistic and assume that the author was just referring to high end servers. ;)

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