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So, Spurs won NBA Finals ...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tutubibi, Jun 14, 2007.

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    What a boring series, what a symphony of defense and turnovers. :(

    Anyway, congratulations to San Antonio. Hopefully, Spurs will keep with the tradition and not get to the Finals next years so we can watch something more interesting.
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    I am from S.A., and I want to apologize to everyone forced to watch such crap basketball. Everyone is driving around town honking their horns and crap. Man I hate Spurs fans...:rolleyes:
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    I lived in San Antonio for 3 years, and my parents are BIG fans. My mom is running through the house screaming "WE WON, WE WON!!!!!"(Even though we don't live in Texas anymore):rolleyes:

    ..of course I scream back "WHOPPITY-FREAKIN-DO!!!":D

    I have to admit, I loved that three pointer in the last second in the game, made it close. :)
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    The most boring team in the NBA. I'd rather see the Atlanta Hawks in the finals. So ridiculous.
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    They've been said to be "substance over style" and they deliver as promised.
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    After the Suns series, I can't look at the Spurs the same way. I didn't even watch a single game of the finals because of it. Apparently a lot of other people didn't either(though maybe for other reasons) because it was the lowest rated final series of all time.

    The whole NBA needs an overhaul. The best team from the east is a joke. And teams should be able to challenge calls like in the NFL.
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    Starting with getting rid of David Stern. I think he's about as incompetent as Bush. :rolleyes:
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    My thoughts exactly, that Horry check on Nash changed series and erased my sympathies for the Spurs.
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    That was such a dirty series. Throughout the regular season and playoffs the spurs seem to get a great deal of calls that go there way or incedents that are ignored. Its a shame.

    The outcome of the finals isn't surprising. The Cavs were not the best team in the east. The over performed and were in the right place at the right time. Would have been nice to see them compete. But not surprising at all.
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    Don't panic

    now, now....
    let's not get carried away
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    First cut the playoffs in half. 16 teams is more then half the league, do they really need that many teams in the playoffs considering that more then half of them suck. It takes them 2 months just to get through it all plus the TV schedule is horrible. I don't care for the NBA but sometimes I will watch the playoffs. I don't think i even watched more then 5 minutes the whole time. And the games I did watch I was not even paying attention.

    Second, the players have gotten to flashy and have forgotten about the game play.
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    I couldn't watch either...I prefer up tempo basketball...:cool:
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    I found it entertaining myself..

    Duncan has 4 rings and Horry has 7..
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    Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

    He is a solid player but nowhere near Barkley, Ewing, Garnett, Malone, Stockton who don't have a ring. :(
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    I don't get it. People complain when teams play offense heavy basketball and score, score, score, decrying the lack of fundamentals. But, when the Spurs come along and dominate in all senses of the word by playing smart, team oriented, unselfish, fundamental basketball, people complain about that too. Personally, In a world of "me first" sports, its nice to see a team that plays as a team succeed. Maybe I'm just the only one that likes watching basketball played with a strategy and a purpose...
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    Spurs basketball isn't the most exciting basketball in the world, but they do what it takes to win, and winning is something they do consistently, and for quite awhile now. There have been something like more than 40 different players earn rings with San Antonio, showing that it is the system they run that is what is effective.
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    Agreed. NHL and NBA playoffs take way too freakin' long.
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    And he's said as much. He said he'd definitely trade his career for one of theirs. And I don't think money was much of a factor, in case one might think that it would be. He said he'd rather be a superstar than a very good role player who player on great teams--even one who's famous for making big shots.

    I agree the playoffs are too long, but not as dramatically as others do. I'd cut the first round back to 5 games. Maybe make the second round 5 games too. I definitely think 8 teams would be too small for playoffs. Maybe 12 would be OK, although you'd get into a whole debate about how much time off might be bad for the higher seeds, but I don't really mind 16.

    And I agree with those who've pointed out that we should all be fans of the Spurs: good, solid, fundamental basketball. I just don't want to root for them after the cheap-shot-Bob's moment in the Suns series. And Bruce "undercut" Bowen. I've never liked dirty teams.
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    Kamera RAWr

    Don't you dare say anything about my dear NHL :p
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    I actually agree with you. Spurs definitely deserve to have couple of championships. However, I would still prefer Suns (or Utah, Dallas, Cleveland) to win their 1st title instead of Spurs winning their 4th.
    And I definitely enjoy watching Warriors vs Suns more than Spurs vs Cavs ...
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    This seems like a good idea on the surface, but then I think back to some of the great 1 seed vs. 8 seed series... Being that I am a Kings fan (it's a rough life...) I've witnessed two great series nearly won by the Kings as the 8th seed not too long ago (1999, 2000) and then this past playoffs with the Warriors upsetting the Mavericks. All three of those series were extremely entertaining, and any time an 8th seed even comes close to upsetting a 1 seed, people pay attention.

    David Stern, and blatant preferential treatment of big-name players by the referees are my two largest gripes with the league... Though maybe I'm not disapproving enough of the lack of balance of power between East and West...
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    Lord Blackadder

    Looks like Cleveland's sports championship drought continues...:mad:
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    What is wrong with David Stern?
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    Point taken. Some of the other series were definately more exciting than the finals, there is no argument there, but to decry the Spurs for playing "boring" basketball is stupid at best...
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    I did like the Spurs but after paying attention to their cheap tricks-Bowen kneeing Nash in the crotch, sliding under to try and get a jumping player to possibly twist their ankle, Horry's cheap shot on Nash, Ginobli's ridiculous flopping that actually attracts calls-I can't view them as all those adjectives you used. Most players do use cheap shots to gain an advantage, but the Spurs are the most consistent and blatant in that as they are in winning.

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