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So what Browser are you guys/gals using

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by BHP41, Dec 24, 2010.

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    I know there are a ton but what is the one that you feel is the best for your needs and why. Right now I'm using Mercury and I like it so far. I also have atomic and icab. Sky fire just released theirs for the iPad but I wasn't a fan of it on the iPhone so haven't purchased it yet for the iPad.

    Should this be in the app section??
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    ICab, top notch.
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    I use atomic and safari. Safari is used just for general web surfing. Atomic is used when I want to go to YouTube or if I am using multiple tabs that require constant switching. I really dislike using multiple tabs/windows in safari. It's slow and requires a reload of the tab that you're switching to. I have been waiting for an iPad browser that completely satisfies me. I get low memory notifications sometimes if I have three tabs open in atomic. This frustrates me. Hopefully the 2g will have sufficient memory.
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    Atomic ftw
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    iCab works well for my usage
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    Icab and safari for my work email.
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    doug in albq

    Atomic Web Browser. I like it just a tiny bit better than iCab, which is also great.

    No other browsers on iOS touch the two listed above
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    Perfect browser.

    I love the quick scroll bar which makes it a lot quicker to move up and down a long web page.

    The only problem I and other have is Steve Apple wishing to punish us for not using his Safari mobile browser so every time I click on a link Safari opens rather than the browser I wish to use. :(
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    iCab and the built in Safari.
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    I've tried five browsers: Safari, iCab, Life browser, Atomic, and Skyfire. I keep going back to Safari though for some reason. Out of the five, I prefer the way that Life browser does things, I just don't find it to be as quick or as polished though.
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    I've been pretty happy with Safari.
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    Does not that fact that Safari sends out signals that it's a mobile phone browser on a tiny screen annoy you on some sites?

    God knows why it does that.
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    Terra... It reminds me of chrome w/ tabs and very fast. Oh, and it's surprisingly free in the app store too!:)
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    Just giving it a whirl now :)
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    doug in albq

    Wow! Terrra is nice. As soon as this browser lets me import my bookmarks from wherever it might become one of my go-to browsers.

    Love the speed, the tabs, the price of the app and the interface (not the icon).

    Currently lacking in extended features that both iCab and Atomic Web have, but still a nice browser.
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    Dr McKay

    Safari, tried Skyfire, but it won't load the flash content I want :(
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    On the iPad I have all the major players (Safari, iCab, Atomic, Perfect, and now Skyfire). I pretty much use each one based on my mood with the exception of Atomic which I find iCab a bit better. I tend to go back to Safari a lot since I sync my bookmarks with MobileMe to my Mac and iPhone. Many browsers now support importing bookmarks but it doesn't compare to the convenience of Mobile Me. I wish Apple would open up the API to allow 3rd party browsers to have that functionality, but methinks that is a pipe dream.

    As a side note, I am like the Skyfire browser on the iPad. I think Skyfire did a nice job in addressing many of the problems that plagued the iPhone version. It's not perfect but it is an improvement.
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    Just installed the terra browser. Why is it so fast?!?!
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    Loading pages in Terra seems to be fast but scrolling seems to lag much more so than any of the major players.
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    I use 2 browsers for 2 purposes.

    Atomic - use for everyday type use at work and some personal use. It's definitely my favorite because of the wide range of options and clean ui

    Terra- it's simple, fast, and free. But the main reason I use it is because of the password protection at start up. It allows me to keep tabs open and not have to worry about coworkers opening my iPad and seeing what I am browsing. Ex. Banking websites, eBay, paypal, etc...

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