So what's the best TV solution?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by netdog, Mar 26, 2007.

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    I have an HD TV located near my Apple Extreme router. My TV has component, SCART and VGA inputs available. I can purchase iTunes files from iTMS USA. I have a 1TB drive that can be stored almost anywhere (off the Apple Extreme, off my iMac [not ideal], or anywhere else).

    I would like to rip my DVD collection. Record off of satellite (not so important). Watch video gathered online from Apple and other sources. I want the whole thing to be easy to use.

    What is the best solution?
    Next gen Mini?
    Something else?

    I think a lot of people would like this question debated and hopefully answered by those who have technical knowledge. While there are already a lot of threads, I think we needed a thread that really set out to setup a versatile, ease-to-use and quality system for upgrading our media centres, and I haven't seen any really definitive answers yet.

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    Since you made a point in saying that you have access to iTS, you really limit yourself to the aTV or a Mac mini (current or future). I would say your desire to rip DVDs and record satellite would drive you towards a mini, although I'm not sure how to record off of satellite. Does the satellite STB have firewire out?

    So really, the decision is whether to go current or updated mini. Personally, I would wait for the next gen mini. Hopefully, it will have the Core 2 Duo chip and 802.11n capabilities. These would be on my radar as the most important feature of an updated mini. Lower on the priorties scale would be a better graphics card and Leopard. Also rumored is a "special" encoding/decoding chip that is supposedly going to find its way into all Macs.

    I'd say to go with an updated mini. You'll just have to wait a while for Apple to get around to updating it.

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    The STB does not have Firewire out. Component and SCART are free at the moment.

    I was afraid someone would say updated Mini. I don't really expect that for some time, but it may indeed be the best solution.

    I could hang a current Mini off of the Extreme via Ethernet. Is the processor such a problem? Will the new graphics chipset make a practical difference in terms of watching TV?
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    I don't think the current processor and graphics chip in the mini will be a problem. I have a MacBook Core Duo 2ghz, which is essentially the same as a mini, only a little faster. It handles TV just fine, although I don't have any HD stuff to feed it.

    I would think the current minis will be just fine. It's just that I'm thinking that updated minis are around the corner ... hope hope.

    If you're using Ethernet, then 11n capabilities are meaningless.


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