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So... who actually puts a pic in their profile?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by amateurmacfreak, Apr 26, 2006.

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    I've noticed.... very few MR users post a pic of themselves in their profile. Is it for fear.... or lazy... or just... do people feel a photo is too personal??
    Well, I'll be posting one.
    It's not b/c I want to judge someone on how they look.
    It's just b/c it's nice to have SOME vague idea of what someone looks like. :) Makes it almost seem more like... a real person with a real life.... just... makes the person more real.

    And am I think only one who thinks it's funny when we don't know the gender of other members? :eek:
    I'm the female minority, btw. :p
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    mine is in my profile. I'm also in the pics thread a lot.

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    i do, i do!
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    I have mine in my profile - I have nothing to hide. Well, not much at least... ;) :cool:
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    I have one in mine now.
    God, I need to look happier! XD
    *goes to Photo Booth to try to get a happier shot of self*
  6. Lau

    I figure no-one would want to see my gurning mug on my profile, and so tend to use it as a bit of an avatar extension. I tend to look people up and see if they're in the Picture directory, and have a nose as to what they look like there, and I guess people could do the same to me if they were that way inclined. :)

    Having said that some people do have pictures in their profiles, and that is no bad thing. :)
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    New profile pic.

    Now my pic is odd and tinted and edited. :D
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    I do...but it doesn't show very much of me...

    ...perhaps I have something to hide?
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    i had one in my profile, but it was old and outdated so i got rid of it, never changed it, plus you can find me in the pictures thread/directory easily enough.
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    mad jew

    I've got one but I seemed to have turned away from the camera at just the wrong time. :(
  11. Lau

    I know, sadly your beady eye stalks are hidden. :p
  12. mpw

    Just updated mine, I was using it as a target for an image link in a way old thread which will now no longer make any sense (do mine ever?) but I can't be arsed searching for the post as I can't remember what is was about!
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    I am (somewhat) visually represented in both my profile and in the member-photo thread. My profile picture is fairly old, but still representative of how I look.

    - Amateurmacfreak, did you originally have a photo in the member-photo thread? I thought you did, but I could be mistaken...

    - Mad Jew, your avatar is really something. There are so many things I could say...creative, but vaguely disturbing...perhaps I am just jealous...
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    mad jew


    Disturbing? How do you think I feel. :D

    mpw, do you moisturise?
  15. mpw

    Come now, you of all posters should know sea water is the best thing for skin-care.
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    thats me over there
    <------ :cool:
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    i don't have a pic in my profile, but i started with a mocked up G5 chip photo as an avatar back in 2001 made by mr. anderson, then switched to a rockabilly electric guitar a few years later, and now i have a picture of a

    <<guitar similar to the one i own right now...of course i have a $450 dollar (street value) esp ltd viper and my avatar is a picture of a limited edition 1961 replica gibson les paul standard (sg body shape) of the type that gibson issued right before guitarist and recording engineer les paul took his name away from gibson to use on their products...and oh yeah, this guitar costs about $1500 dollars if you can find one as the reissues are rare like the originals (which are also made more rare by the fact that they were extremely fragile and prone to breakage and warpage so playing samples of the original les paul/sg guitars are very scarce...but then again original gretsch rockabilly guitars, from my previous avatar, in working condition are rare because the glue joints that the gretsch guitar company used to hold these 1940s-1960s guitars fail after about 20 years of regular usage)...luckily gretsch guitars uses better glue these days but gibson still makes some models prone to easy damage...so that's a petty guitar trivia lesson

    i would never want to put my real picture on my avatar or profile...not because of any hacker/identity risks, but mostly because i don't think i photograph well ;)
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    I've had a pic in my profile almost from the start.
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    You post a pic in your profile if you don't have an avatar...that's me at least!

    30~ more posts til you get to lay eyes on my beautiful avatar :D
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    Mm hmm. That's how I feel, too.
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    I've got a pic of myself in my profile. Not that one could see much of me anyway.
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    I'll upload one, I used to have one there.

    (Edit: Done.)
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    eh. too lazy. haha.

    now that mention it, i will... i guess

    edit: done. happy? :p
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    Who wants to see my face when you can see my inner Beavis? :eek:
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